Bariatric surgery, popularly known as weight loss surgery, is widely recommended by national medical organizations and agencies in all countries as the most effective way to eliminate obesity. However, the cost of weight loss surgery may be prohibitively expensive in countries such as the US or Canada, which deprives thousands of patients from the opportunity to restore their health and quality of life.

Affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico

Many women and men in the US and Canada are now choosing Mexico as their preferred offshore destination for undergoing bariatric surgery. For the same quality standards of care and the same procedure, patients can save up to 70% on their costs when they have their weight loss surgery in Mexico instead of their home country.

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most sought-after bariatric surgery around the world today. The average cost of gastric sleeve in Mexico ranges from $4,500 to $5,500. The same procedure in the US or Canada may cost as much as $20,000 to $25,000. Another type of weight loss surgery, gastric bypass in Mexico may cost on average $5,500 to $7,000. In the US or Canada, this surgery could cost anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000.

Cost inclusions

As long as you select a reputable medical tourism provider, you can be assured that you will have complete transparency and fairness regarding the costs of your bariatric surgery in Mexico. They will inform you upfront how much your procedure will cost, and what all services will be included in your weight loss surgery package. The following items are usually included in your cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico:

  • Bariatric surgeon’s fee
  • Charges of the anesthesia team
  • Fee of other attending surgeons or doctors, if any
  • Nursing staff costs
  • Surgery room costs
  • Overnight hospital stay, if needed
  • Pre- and post-op consultations with the surgeon
  • Costs of x-rays, blood work, and other medical tests
  • Prescription drugs, pain meds, and antibiotics for a week
  • Consultation with the nutritionist and physical therapist
  • Ground transport from the airport to hotel and back

Variation in costs

The costs of weight loss surgery in Mexico can sometimes vary between two patients. Sometimes patients may receive significantly different quotes for two separate sources for their Mexico bariatric surgery. It’s vital to look at your costs in the context of the following factors:

  • Surgeon’s skills: Board certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico, or surgeons with decades of experience and a top reputation in the field may be busier than others because of a high demand for their services. These surgeons may charge a slightly higher fee compared to a less qualified or less experienced weight loss surgeon.
  • Hospital standards: Some of the full-service hospitals in Mexico offer state of the art medical facilities, surgical equipment and technology, advanced operating rooms, multi-specialty departments, in-house labs and pharmacy, and well-appointed rooms. These hospitals with top ratings and excellent standards of care may have slightly higher charges.
  • Surgical complexity: Depending on your age, health condition, BMI, and nature of co-morbidities if any, your weight loss surgeon in Mexico will determine the complexity of your procedure. If the procedure involves the services of additional medical specialists, or requires some complex or advanced medical devices or techniques, your cost of surgery could marginally increase.
  • Medical tourism facilitator: Perhaps the most important factor that will influence the safety, success, and affordability of your weight loss surgery in Mexico is the choice of a medical tourism company. A trusted service provider will have some of the best Mexico hospitals and bariatric surgeons on board with them. They will help you obtain the most affordable weight loss surgery package for your procedure, with no hidden surprises later on.

Why is the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico so low?

Some patients have concerns that a low cost bariatric surgery in Mexico would mean compromises in the quality of care they will receive compared to their home country. However, the fact is that the general living costs in Mexico are far cheaper than in countries such as the US or Canada. Just like any other goods and services, the costs of medical care, surgical equipment and supplies, and hospitalization are also much cheaper.

Mexico weight loss surgeons do not have to pay for medical malpractice insurance, or bear highly expensive office rentals and maintain high-paid staff. Therefore, they can afford to charge a much lower fee for the same procedure in Mexico. Moreover, the government of Mexico has created incentives and accommodative policies to promote medical tourism. All these make it possible for the hospitals and doctors in Mexico is to charge much lower than their counterparts in the US or Canada.

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