Conventionally, all developers can be divided into:

A freelancer (or a group – usually 2-4 people), as a rule, develops simple sites on one CMS (content management system, “engine”) or on a constructor.

A web studio usually consists of 5-20 specialists and is able to handle the technical part of the project (without analytics). Unlike freelancers, the studio performs work under a standard contract.

IT companies have a staff of 20 to 100 employees and their priority is the creation of programs. They are mainly contacted for the development of CRM and ERP systems, as well as projects using advanced technologies (VR / AR, Big Data, and others).).

Definition of Competence

Website. It is probably unnecessary to say that a potential developer should have their own website, so we focus on the convenience and functionality of the resource. It should be well-structured and have clear navigation and logical markup. Check that all buttons and links work and that the fonts are not too small or defiantly large. Give this question as much time as you need, because if the developer’s site does not inspire confidence, then what will he offer you?

Portfolio is one of the key aspects by which customers prefer one or another candidate. See if there are websites of the type you need in the portfolio. Follow the links and check the resources according to the same criteria that were used to check the site of the developer himself. If everything is “Ok”, you can put a plus sign in the corresponding column of the table. If there is no portfolio, immediately remove such a candidate from the list.

Reviews. It is certainly necessary to pay attention to this section, but it should be understood that this is not a priority characteristic.

Achievements and positioning are not the most important aspects, but if they are, they will be an additional incentive to give preference to this candidate. Achievements (they are usually indicated by web studios) include awards, ratings, high places in competitions, etc. Positioning is the activity and ability to expertly present information on other communication channels – specialized forums, social networks, and YouTube.

Choice of the best developer

After evaluating each candidate, do not rush to make the final choice. Practice shows that some developers, even with an impeccable, first glance, reputation, often miss deadlines, make prepayments, do not completely work, do not get in touch, ignore comments on improvements, etc. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to play it safe and “walk” through additional features.

Summing up

Choosing a contractor to develop a website and offshore mobile app development company is not an easy process, and there is no single recipe. Even those who are not new to this business often get screwed up, because there are always nuances that are as specific as each site is individual, and each performer is unpredictable. However, knowing and following the algorithm described above will significantly reduce the risk of entrusting the project to the “wrong” developer.

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