Are you getting an outfit for that grand occasion? Striking and elegant Versace shoes are the fashion statement. They are bold prints, embellishments, pops of color, or just the usual neutral piece to complement a great outfit. Versace shoes can work with any stylish outfit, yet they are the statement such that you will need to build your wardrobe around them.

A statement shoe will give texture to a rather plain outfit, yet not easy to pull off with many clothes due to the intricate elements. It is crucial to know how to build your outfit around a fashionable shoe without your outfit looking off. The following are pointers on how you get to pull off that high fashion look with Versace shoes.

The Neutral Shoe

A neutral shoe is effortlessly stylish and comfortable to pull off. It is easier to wear white, creams, blacks, and tans with any patterned outfit. The problem is wearing bright colored shoes with a formal outfit. A classic neutral pair will do, but it will look matchy.

So what do you do to make your outfit look well coordinated? You can match your outfit with the same colors, but it is better if the tone of your outfit and the shoe match. Pick a pair that is a shade darker than your outfit, or choose a single color for your shoes, then ensure the rest of the outfit is a shade darker.

The Print Shoe

Prints can be animal prints or embroidery patterns. Although not easy to pull off, print shoes make an outfit more interesting. They give edge and energy to a rather solid outfit and a twist to a possible matchy outfit. Wear printed shoes with a subtle print top or neutral clothes. Your bag and other accessories should match the color tone of the shoe.

Accessorize To The Minimum

To avoid looking overdressed do not wear too many accessories or colors. You can mismatch if it is your style, or you can wear shoes with a top that matches its color or tones. Match bright colored shoes with a bag of the same color. You should also ensure you wear neutral clothes with bright color shoes. Always ensure that clothes and shoes are of the same color intensity.

Don’t Be Predictable

Shoes play an essential role in giving your outfit that exciting element. Most people say that the first thing they notice about a person is their shoe. Don’t be the party grouch.  Break the monotony by wearing stunning shoes. Enhance your innate style giving your outfit an exciting element and edge. With an intricate shoe coordinating your outfits takes a bit of skill; just don’t be predictable.

Pack that extra punch and wear a shoe that is interesting yet stylish. The shoe you wear is an expression of your personality. A Versace shoe is made for the elegant man and woman who wants a modern yet cool edge.  It is exciting to build an outfit around a statement shoe for any occasion and making a statement while at it.

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