If you’re involved in a car accident in Georgia, there are a few things you need to do in order to get a rental car. First, you need to contact your insurance company and let them know what happened. They will then work with you to get a rental car set up. You will need to provide them with your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card. Once everything is set up, you’ll be able to pick up your rental car and get back on the road.

Understanding how to get a rental car after your car accident in Georgia is important. If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. An experienced Atlanta auto accident lawyer can help you navigate the process and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your damages.

Rental Cars After a Georgia Car Accident

Renting a car during the time yours is being repaired or replaced may be necessary after a car accident leaves you without transportation. Here is an article that provides answers to some of the most common questions about getting a rental car in Georgia.

Is the Rental Car Paid by Me?

If you’re involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, your rental car is typically covered by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. You should contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company to file a claim. They can let you know if a rental car is covered and when you can obtain one.

Sometimes, the insurance company will bill the at-fault driver’s insurer directly for the rental car. You may also be reimbursed only for the price of a rental car if your insurance company does not offer coverage. You may still be required to put down a credit card deposit with the rental company. After the rental is returned and the insurance company’s billing is finalized, the deposit should be refunded.

You may need a rental car right away while you work out details with the insurance adjuster. If you have purchased rental coverage, you can use your own insurance in this situation. Renting a car is entirely possible if you have this type of coverage (for example, $30 per day for a maximum of $900). The at-fault driver’s insurance may still reimburse you later if you do not have this coverage.

How Do I Choose a Car Rental Company?

You have to use the rental company selected by the insurance company of the at-fault driver if your rental car is being paid directly by the insurance company. You are, however, allowed to choose any rental provider or location you prefer, as long as you pay the rental provider up-front and seek reimbursement if you choose a different provider. The best way to avoid issues later is to get approval in advance for the rates and class of the car if you choose to rent a car on your own and seek reimbursement.

How Do I Choose a Rental Car?

Choose a car that is similar to yours. You should be prepared to stand your ground and insist on a comparable vehicle since the insurance company is trying to cut costs as much as possible.

It may be a good idea to choose a car with a lower daily rate when using your own rental coverage. This will allow your reimbursement limit to last longer. It will be your responsibility to pay the difference if the daily rate exceeds the limits of coverage.

You need to approve the rental rate with the insurance company in advance if you are paying for the rental car and seeking reimbursement. Don’t forget to rent a vehicle similar to yours as well. It is wise not to rent a luxury vehicle or pickup truck if you have an economy car, as the insurance company might not cover the additional fees. As an alternative, if you drove a pickup truck, you could rent one similar to yours.

What additional insurance should your rental car have?

Typically, it isn’t necessary. If you drive your own car, you should be covered by your own comprehensive and collision insurance. As always, you should check with your auto policy to confirm this coverage.

In addition, some credit cards offer rental car insurance, but only if it is paid for with the card. To determine whether additional coverage is covered, check with your credit card company.

Can I keep the rental car after an accident?

You can rent a car for as long as you need your car to be repaired. Until your property damage claim is settled, you can keep the rental car if your car is totaled.

When your car is repairable

If your car can be repaired, you have the right to a rental car while it is being repaired. Once the repair facility begins working on your vehicle, the insurance company will cover a rental car if you are still able to drive your car.

It is not uncommon for repairs to take longer than expected. Your rental company and the insurance adjuster should work together if the repair takes longer than expected. When the at-fault party’s insurance company pays for your rental car, there is not a fixed time limit to how long it must do so while your car is being repaired, as there is with your own coverage. During the time it takes for your vehicle to be repaired, you may use this rental car.

When your car is totaled

In case your vehicle is no longer drivable, this coverage will begin immediately. Your agreement will end once your property damage claim is settled, so you should start shopping for a replacement vehicle immediately.

It may be necessary for you to return the rental car if you do not accept the insurance company’s initial offer of payment for your totaled vehicle. The insurance company should not put pressure on you to accept a lower offer if that offer doesn’t adequately compensate you for the fair market value of your car. Having rental car coverage on your own car insurance policy can be especially useful in this type of situation. You may be able to negotiate a higher amount if you are able to negotiate the price of your car.

Automobile Accidents & Rental Cars

The best way to ensure that you are able to get a rental car after your car accident in Georgia is to have rental car insurance. This type of insurance will cover the cost of a rental car while your own car is being repaired. If you do not have rental car insurance, you may still be able to get a rental car, but you may have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

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