The sneaker industry is now worth a whopping $80 million thanks to collectors around the world.

Any good sneaker collector will tell you that it’s not about wearing all of your sneakers; it’s about getting rare and prized sneakers that build a collection that represents your personality. Sneaker collecting will cost a lot of money, but you’ve also got to have an eye for the right shoes.

In this post, we’re going to give you a guide for starting your sneaker collection. Keep reading and you’ll learn about the important things, like budgeting, researching, and networking – everything you need to build a collection you can be proud of.

Create a Budget

You can’t successfully build a great sneaker collection if you’re just spending your hard-earned dollars willy-nilly. Budgeting is going to be your friend and help you avoid bankrupting yourself for your sneaker collection.

The truth is that – unless you’ve been saving up – growing your sneaker collection is going to take a while. If you have a monthly sneaker spending budget, then you can target specific kicks and buy them up slowly until you’ve got a collection you can be proud of.

There’s lots of budgeting software out there, but you can do it pretty easily with a good excel spreadsheet.

Choose a Lane

Building the biggest sneaker collection won’t necessarily mean that you have the best sneaker collection. If you’ve got a particular taste in sneakers, then make that the identity of your sneaker collection. Most collectors focus on one brand or one style, like a Jordan sneaker collection or a Converse collection.

Doing this will make it easier to seek out the sneakers you want. If you’re looking for something specific, then you won’t blow your budget on a wide range of sneakers that don’t improve your collection.

Do Your Research

Spend some time researching the biggest sneaker brands – Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, etc. – and where to buy them. A sneaker collector has to be looking online constantly to find good deals on new and classic releases.

Keep an eye on sought-after models from more niche brands as well. Yeezy and Jordan shoes are respectively under the Nike and Adidas umbrellas, but brands like Vans, Puma, and Converse have a lot to offer. Even Asics, Saucony, and Saloman are starting to emerge on the sneaker collector scene.

The more aware you are of what’s coming out and what other collectors are looking for, the better your collection will be.

Find a Sneaker Collector Network

One of the ways that you can stay on top of your research is by aligning yourself with other collectors. Nowadays, sneaker collectors will proudly display their shoes on social media and message boards. If you want people to bounce ideas off of, check Reddit for sneakerheads that you can connect with.

This can also be a really great way of buying sneakers. There are always collectors selling off shoes that they don’t need anymore, whether it’s because they’re strapped for cash or have doubles of certain pairs. You’ll even see the odd sneaker collection for sale that you can really bolster your numbers with.

Purchase Your Favorites First

Presumably, you’ve got a few pairs of sneakers that you’ve always wanted in your collection. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t seek those ones out and get your collection started the right way.

You can find amazing sneakers all over different sites online, but some sites are going to specialize in more niche items. For instance, if you’re into the Revenge X Storm line by Ian Conner, you can get them at Kicks Crew, where they also offer loads of other big brands (click for more).

Starting your collection with sneakers that you really love will set the tone as you accumulate more pairs. You should always focus on filling your collection with ones you like, not just building for the sake of building.

Stay Aware of New Releases

In reality, a sneaker collector’s research never truly ends. You’ve always got to stay on top of new releases if you’re going to beat other collectors to the punch and build the best collection in all the land.

Your message boards and network of sneaker collectors can help you here. If you really want to be the best, however, you’ve got to find the little nooks and crannies online that break the latest sneaker news.

Organize Your Kicks

Once you’ve got a lot of sneakers, you can start to take care of your collection. It’s important to organize your sneakers in a way that you understand. Whether that’s by brand, color, or style is completely up to you, but most good collectors will have a system that makes it easy to find and display their sneakers.

You’ll also need to find a special space in your home to house your collection. If you don’t have enough closet space – most collectors don’t – then keep them in your basement or garage. Just make sure that the conditions are right for preserving your sneakers as collector’s items.

Flaunt Them Online

A proud sneaker collector will always want to show off to other sneaker collectors and casual shoe fans alike. Grab some social media handles for your sneaker collection and start posting about your favorite kicks. You’d be surprised how many sneaker lovers there are out there that will follow you.

Before you know it, you could end up monetizing your sneaker collection. Being a sneaker influencer can help you purchase more of your favorite sneakers and keep building a bigger and better collection as new kicks come out.

Start Your Sneaker Collection ASAP

Now that you know how to start a killer sneaker collection, you can start researching and get your first pairs. Everyone’s got a hobby, and sneaker collecting is one of the most exhilarating and popular hobbies around. Figure out which sneakers you love and build the ultimate sneaker collection ASAP.

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