If you have a receding hairline, you might be thinking you’ve got some kind of an old gene in you because it’s a thing common among old folks, especially men. Well, you are right. Age could be a cause of hair thinning but it’s not the only one.

But guess what? There are men out there, celebrities inclusive, who have no cause to worry about thinning of frontal hairline anymore because they have found a list of mens haircuts that make them look super cool. In this post, I’ll put the same list in your hands.

1. High Fade

A High Fade changes the way your hair is pictured from all angles, and be rest assured, it would do a lot of good for your confidence. With a High Fade, the sharp contrast between the bald area of the forehead and the sides of the hair becomes less obvious.

2. Buzz Cut

A Buzz cut is an elegant haircut that’s suitable for men dealing with thinning frontal hair. It maintains a consistent hair length all-round and leans perfectly to the hairline.

3. Faux Hawk

When looking for a haircut that will make you look youthful gentleman and your receding hairline like it never existed, go for a Faux Hawk. This haircut easily draws attention away from the forehead and to the top of the head.

4. Brushed-Up Quiff

Styling the frontal hair upward makes it look thicker and fuller and this is what you need to create a diversion from your receding hairline. A perfectly-trimmed Brushed-Up Quiff is one of the few haircuts for achieving this effect without exposing your hair to further thinning

5. Slicked back

A Slicked Back is also one great cut you can get to appear youthful and classy even with your receding frontal hair. This trendy push-back hairstyle can conceal bald spots and can be pulled off with a deeper hairline thanks to its close-cropped sides.

6. Crew Cut

A Crew Cut never fades. It’s still in vogue as an excellent choice any day any time. This low-profile haircut leaves the longest hair in the front and progressively gets shorter as it gets closer to the crown.

7. Comb Over

The Comb-Over haircut was initially created to put balding men in charge of their looks. However, modern barbers seem to have created variations of it to make Combover accessible to other men too. With a Combover, the top hair is grown long and combed over the balding area to conceal it.

8. Angular Fringe

What better way is there to hide the obvious receding hairline than with an Angular Fringe hairstyle? And when it is long enough, you can use it to even hide away a big forehead. The stylishness of the fringe and the choppiness of hair together promise sexy masculinity.

9. Regulation Cut

This hairstyle which takes its cues from the military is not for the faintest of heart. A standard Regulation Cut features a longer top and scissor-cut sides to give you a classic look.

10. Clean Shave

A Clean Shave is an ideal cut for a receding hairline. Many guys who embrace their hair loss and go “totally bald” discover that they adore the appearance and ease of the look. If you give it a try, you might end up sticking to a Clean Shave for good.

In Conclusion

Hair loss is what nature offers sometimes. So if you wind up with it, it’s okay, always look to the brighter side of things. I bet this list would give you more than all the haircut ideas you need to look handsome even with a receding hairline. Also, if you’re considering a hair transplant, this post is for you. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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