When we think of a makeover, we can often make the mistake of envisioning a total change from our current look. While a total transformation can be an extremely valid and worthwhile experience at times, it completely negates the personal style you have cultivated for yourself over the years.

If you have created a sense of style for yourself, and especially if you have cultivated a relationship with your hair that you are proud of, then you might be looking for a less invasive and overwhelming process. Introducing the mini makeover or, as we at Esteem Hair like to think of it, the hair upgrade.

There are a number of ways in which you can explore an elevated hair experience. For today, we are looking at two of our favourite experiences to offer our clients: the keratin treatment and balayage hair in Sydney.

The Keratin Hair Treatment Experience In Sydney

If you already have the cut, style and colour you are looking for but are struggling with the health and behaviour of your hair, then a mini makeover treatment to invest in reviving the natural beauty of your hair might be just what you need. In fact, before you make a drastic change in terms of creating a new look, you should always consider letting gorgeous smooth hair be the drastic change in itself.

A keratin treatment in Sydney is one of the best ways to perform an intense restorative treatment on your hair. At Esteem Hair, we use the Guava Latino™ Keratin Smoothing System, which is a professional hair smoothing salon-only treatment that has been specifically designed to assist you to be in firm control of your hair. If you want long-lasting effects for four months and if you want to achieve radiant, manageable and healthy hair, then a keratin hair treatment in Sydney may be just the thing.

Remember that we also provide keratin-infused products for you to use at home so you can prolong the smoothing effect! To us, your natural hair beauty is one of the best ways in which you can celebrate your style and a refreshed look with stunning, silky smooth hair is the pinnacle of what a makeover should be. Don’t forget that we are trained by Guava in all the aspects of your keratin treatment application in Sydney and can assist you with all your keratin hair needs in this scope.

A Brand New Look By Your Balayage Specialist In Sydney

For some, a makeover even in the smallest sense requires a bit of creativity and fun. What’s a makeover if you don’t feel brand new afterwards anyway? If you have been feeling that you need to uplift your hair, and specifically your hair colour, then balayage could be the solution. Naturally, all our hair colour services start with a personalised consultation, so we would take the time to walk you through exactly what the balayage process entails and offer suggestions on how to make the most of your treatment.

A balayage colour treatment is designed to make your hair look naturally beautiful with a more blended and “sun-kissed” aesthetic than other highlighting or colour treatment options. Not only is the maintenance for balayage hair a lot easier and gentler, but the look itself is far more nuanced and a brilliant way to enhance and elevate your personal style.

If you want a makeover that highlights the already existing beauty of your hair and yet still want to enjoy the experience of experimenting with colour, then balayage is a great fit. Remember that balayage is different from hair colour treatment options such as highlights or ombre. The technique is based on the principle of creating a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect.

Esteem Hair: The Ultimate Salon Experience

When you join us at the Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, you are experiencing so much more than just a hair salon. We are a full-service spa for all your hair, beauty and spa needs, and we use this philosophy of well-rounded care in every single one of our treatments. We tend to the whole being, not just your hair, though we are proud to be known as some of the best stylists and balayage specialists in Sydney.

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