Grimm is an American police procedural drama mixed with fantasy. It is a detective show first aired on 28 October 2011. The series shows the story of a detective who finds out that he is a huntsman and needs to keep the balance ajar between humanity and the Monsters. The show has had six seasons and a total of 123 episodes.

Nick Burkhardt is the central character of the series. He is a detective in the Portland Police Department who discovers that he is a Grimm, next in line after his ancestors. His job is that of a huntsman who goes after the Wesen Wesen is the German word for entity or thing.

These are represented as monsters in the show which are to be hunted by the Grimm and keep a balance with humanity. The Wesen are mentioned to be from the groups Black Claw and Hadrian’s Wall. It is through his vision that Nick, or the Grimm, can see these Wesen.

Nick is supported by his partner Hank Griffin and a Wesen friend of his, Monroe. The series follows the protagonist into different quests and cases in which he is assisted by his aforementioned friends. He has to use his detective skills and solve the mystery and keep doing his job as the Grimm. A typical episode is 43 minutes long and there have been a total of 123 episodes in total. The last season, Season 5 to be exact, ended on 31 March 2017.

The show received mixed reviews when it was released first but the response got better and better over the years and now has gained a cult following in the world of entertainment. The show was originally planned for CBS but the production was halted due to the Writer’s strike of 2008. All the screenwriters went on strike in 2008 demanding better pay from big production houses, including CBS. Therefore, the show was given to NBC who distributed it among the viewers.

Grimm Season 7 Release Date

Grimm Season 7 Release Date

News for the fans waiting for another season of Grimm, namely Season 7, is disappointing. It has been officially announced by the studio and the team that they are done with the show and there will not be another season coming out. The fifth season saw some very emotional moments which could be counted as the ending of the series and the studio has announced that it has no plans to take the characters further.

It was evident when we saw our beloved characters, Hank Griffin and Sergeant Wu, die at the hands of a rogue Wesen. Everyone at the precinct was killed except Nick. The cast said in an interview how difficult the last day of shooting was for them. The knowledge of never coming back to shoot another episode or another season was too heavy for them and they broke into tears.

It is understandable since the cast had been working together since 2011 when the first season was aired. But, the studio has officially declared that there are no plans for Grimm’s return with a seventh season. This is also evident from the season finale of the sixth season. It was the 13th episode of the season and was named ‘The End’.

Grimm Season 7 Cast

  • David Guintoli as Grimm, Or Nick Burkhardt. He is a detective in the Portland Police Department. He is a descendent of the huntsmen known as the Grimm, who hunts rogue Wesen and keeps the world from falling apart.
  • Russel Hornsby plays Detective Hank Griffin who is the partner of Nick Burkhardt. He is not aware of his partner being the Grimm but also later helps him hunt the Wesen after he finds out.
  • Bitsie Tulloch plays the protagonist’s girlfriend. Her character’s name is Juliette Silverton and she, too, was at first unaware of her boyfriend’s duties as the Grimm.
  • Silas Weir Mitchell plays Monroe, who is a Wesen and a friend of Nick. He helps him out with problems related to the Wesen community and information. His marriage becomes a problem with a pure-blood fanatic group but he goes on to have triplets. Monroe is a Blutbad.
  • Sasha Roiz plays Captain Sean Renard who is Nick’s boss. The captain is a Wesen too and is a Zauberbiest, which is the mix of a Hexenbiest and a prince. He joins the Black Claw in season 5 and becomes the mayor of the city but later returns to the police department to fulfill his duties as the commissioner of police.

Grimm Spinoff

While the studio has made it clear that they are not interested in another season for the Grimm, they have some other news for us, too. The studio is planning a spin-off for Grimm. It is meant to be a movie about a female Grimm which will have the same characters and history as the universe of Grimm.

We will get to see some of our favorite characters while some new ones will be introduced, too. NBC promises that the spin-off will be filled with the original mythology and new and fresh mysteries. The announcement was made in October 2018. When NBC released its list of shows for the fall, it did not contain any information about the spin-off. It was later revealed that NBC was still working on the show and it is not totally off the cards.

Will we ever get the Grimm Season 7?

News from the studio and the creators is not very encouraging regarding the future of the show that ran for six long seasons over six years. After 123 episodes, the show is still a favorite among the fans and they will give anything for another season of their beloved show.

To tell the studio their demands regarding the show, fans have put out a petition on the internet. The petition asks the studio to bring back the show they so dearly want. The plan is to create demand in such huge numbers that the studio is forced to listen to fans. The petition has more than 28,000 signatures on it. If you want Grimm season 7, you know what to do!

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