Goliath Season 4 has been commissioned by Amazon Studios after the massive success of the third season. Here is everything that viewers ought to know about the official release date, trailer, cast, and plot of the new series.

Goliath is likely to return to the fourth and, sadly, the final season on Amazon Prime Video. Billy Bob Thornton’s Billy McBride is likely to make a comeback.

The release date for Goliath Season 4

Goliath Season 4 has been confirmed by Amazon Studios. They have not yet confirmed the date but have confirmed that the series will be released in 2020. The news statement was made by Vernon Sanders, the co-head of Amazon Studios. Goliath has been labeled as one of the most popular shows that are aired on Prime Video. The exact date for the release of Goliath Season 4 has not been revealed yet. However, the show is likely to follow a similar pattern to the previous series.

The first series of Goliath was released in 2016. The second came out in 2018 and the third hit the screens in 2019. However, it seems that the show has been adversely affected by the ongoing wave of Covid-19. But it must not be taken as something to be worried about because the pandemic has affected nearly everything in the entertainment industry.

Goliath Season 4

What is Goliath?

Goliath is a legal web series that is distributed by Amazon Studios. Jonathan Shapiro and David E. Kelly create the American web series. The series has been greatly praised and adored by viewers for a gripping storyline and some top-notch characters. Each season of the series lasts for eight episodes.

The cast of Goliath Season 4

The biggest question and almost a mystery that hangs over the fourth season is whether Billy Bob Thornton will be getting back on the screen or not. The last time viewers saw that the beloved character was bleeding in a car park after Diana Blackwood shot him.

The character of Diana was played by Amy Brenneman. The actor alluded to his possible return in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly. He said that if there would be another season, he would surely be a part of it. He said that the show was extremely successful and popular.

The cast members who could return to the show may include Nina Arianda who played the role of Patty Solis-Papagia. Another cast member is Diana Hopper who played the role of Denise McBride. Tani Raymonde is also one of the names who are most likely to return as Brittany Gold.

Most of the recurring cast will be back including William Hurt in the role of Donald Cooperman and Marisol Silva in the role of Ana de la Reguera. It seems highly unlikely that Dennis Quaid will be back in the role of Wade Blackwood as this series introduces a new antagonist for each season.

A sad part is that you may not see Amy Brenneman as Diana Blackwood because she appeared to be killed at the end of the last season. Amazon has officially announced that it will add three more members to the cast for Goliath Season 4. Haley Joel Osment will join the cast as Dyland Zax who has been portrayed as the weakest link in the Zax family.

The Hunger Games star Jena Malone will be playing the role of the founding member of a law firm. The actor from Billions namely Clara Wong will be playing the role of a dedicated chemist of the Zax family.

Simmons is likely to be playing Geroge Zax who is head of a family-owned pharmaceutical company that is one of the biggest companies in the nation. Den will play the role of the brother of George namely Frank. He is described as a scientific genius. He also is the ostracized black sheep of the Zax family.

What is going to happen in Goliath Season 4?

There are no details about the plot of Goliath Season 4. No one has confirmed the details about the upcoming season of the show. However, it is highly expected that the series will be picking up from the dramatic cliffhanger of season 3 which will leave the life of Billy in great danger.

When the new series was announced, the executive producer of the show Lawrence Trilling gave a hint on where it will be going. He said that he was thrilled that there would be another season to narrate the story of Billy McBride.

Goliath Storyline

The plot is based on reality if we take a look at it from a different angle. There is a lawyer who is true to his profession and who needs justice at all costs. However, it is not going to be an easy task when the rich have power at their disposal.

The third season featured some real drama in the true sense. The protagonist encounters a cast that is put in the property of a highly famous businessman. He attempts to resolve the case in the best manner to bring justice to his friend’s death, however, he faces a serious threat to himself along the way. Will he be able to unearth the truth? To know this mystery, we have to wait for the next season.


There has been news from SafeSet about the possible return of Goliath. The company says that it is getting back to production for the Amazon series. They issued a press release in which they revealed that the industry leader that is spearheading the Covid-19 compliance technology.

They announced that they had been Goliath, the Amazon Studio’s hit to safely get back to the production phase. The SafeSet Covid-19 compliance system helps the team of Goliath and others on the set to ensure that the cast and the crew remain in compliance with the testing protocols that would minimize the risks of Covid-19 transmission.

So, the good news is that the ongoing pandemic is not going to snatch away our most favorite show from us. Soon, we will see our favorite characters on the screens.

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