Fans of Dragon Prince Season 4 are wandering from one website to another to get a hint of when their favorite anime series Dragon Prince Season 4 will be releasing. The previous three seasons of Dragon Prince Season 4 have been streaming on Netflix.

Fans loved them more during the lockdown period. Some scheduled the episodes as per leisure time on weekdays while others binge-watched them on weekends. Now fans are impatiently waiting for the fourth season. They want the details to be out sooner.

Dragon Prince runs well on Netflix. It has managed to gain more fans with just 27 episodes. The series revolves around a fantasy world that is full of magic. Different elements are used to create the world. The American series is replete with fantasy and adventures. The show is packed up with some hilariously comic scenes as well.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

Dragon Prince has officially announced the date for the release of the fourth season. Season 4 will also be released by Netflix. The production of the fourth season was confirmed during a virtual comic-con event that took place on July 24.

However, the release date was not confirmed because of the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. You may expect the series to be released in late 2021 or the early months of 2022. There is no need to get worried or disappointed as the pandemic has delayed the production and release of even Hollywood movies.

The show is currently available on Netflix only. Dragon Prince Season 1 was released in September 2018. The series released its second season in November 2019. In the same year, the show released its third season as well.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

Dragon Prince Season 4 Characters

The characters and voiceover actors for the fourth season are as follows:

  • Sasha Rojen will give voice to the character Ezran.
  • Jack DeSena will give voice to the character Callum.
  • Paula Burrows will give voice to the character Raylan.
  • Jason Simpson will give voice to the character Viren.

Dragon Prince Season 4: Through The Moon

The production continues on the fourth season. The franchise has expanded into different other mediums like prose books. It is evident that the creators do not want to restrict the story to a few seasons.

They are looking forward to expanding and continue the epic story. A prose novel that is released earlier at the start of this year offered some backstory to the events that were displayed in the first season. The original graphic novel namely Through the Moon carries events that occur after the season 3 finale. This prepares the ground for a new narration and sets up the base for the fourth season as well.

The story of the graphic novel was developed by the creators of the series Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz. It was confirmed as a canonical tale in between the third and fourth seasons. It contains the end of the sweeping battle against Lord Viren. Peace appears to be hovering over Xadia. However, Rayla remains highly restless with lingering suspicion that Viren might not be actually dead.

There are no signs of his body that seems to be recovered from a battle that closed the third season. Rayla was determined to decipher the truth and find out what has happened to her parents. Her boyfriend Callum and the newly crowned King Ezren were accompanying her to performing a ritual and unlock the Moon Nexus, which was a mystical portal in between the worlds of the dead and the living.

Even before characters could enter the Moon Nexus, the romance between Rayla and Callum starts to crack. The major fissures become evident in their relationship. Rayla is emotionally distraught over the fate of Runaan, her mentor, and her parents.

When the story closes, the couple appears to reconcile but is still obsessed with the truth. Rayla leaves him behind to move on to explore the unknown. She leaves him at the point when Callum is still sound asleep. Presumably, Dragon Prince Season 4 will kick off from the same scene. Rayla, most probably, will be found missing from the ensemble as the investigation goes on.

Her decision to leave alone was influenced by what she saw on the opposite side of the Moon Nexus. Rayla was still unable to find out her parents. This creates a possibility that the three might be alive inside a remote village. This sets up the chance of their appearance in the next season. Rayla, in her quest to find her parents, sees a vision of Lord Viren himself.

The third season revealed that Claudia deployed dark magic for the resurrection of her father while the sinister Aaravos kept Viren in the physical form of a worm. Aaravos, Startouch Elf, had slipped into a cocoon state. Inside Moon Nexus, Rayla witnessed Viren waking and rising up in a crystallized cocoon. This alluded to his return to life.

While the major ensemble appeared to be scattered, the fact that the major characters who were connected to Rayla made an appearance through the moon formed the way for this cast of the series to receive major additions. The finale of the third season confirmed that Viren was brought back to life however Rayla’s vision suggested that the connection between Viren and Aaravos grew deeper as the two villains experienced a metamorphosis in the cocoon.

The general storyline for Dragon Prince

The animation series is one of the most loved series on Netflix. The series is set in the fictional land of Xadia. There are dragons, elves, and humans in this fictional world. In the world, the human race lives alongside magical creatures but they have no magical powers of their own. As time passes, humans grab hold of the magic.

They use dark magic for the killing of the magical creatures. This creates a rift in Xadia and divides it into two sections, separated by lava. A couple of centuries later, king Harrow attained power in Xadia by killing the dragon king. The ultimate goal of the series was to save the dragon prince Zym.

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