Gravity Falls is a famous cartoon series. It involves multiple mysteries that intrigue viewers a lot. It is considered the smartest American cartoon series that is available with Disney.

You can watch the series on Netflix of Hotstar Kids. About four years ago, we saw the final episode of the favorite cartoon series. Fans wanted more of it. There have been plenty of false rumors about the launch of season 3 of the series. Millions of people have remembered the series since their childhood. The series aired between 2012 and 2016.

Its surreal comedy was something that was a deviation from the normal production of Disney shows. However, it managed to provide fun and some really light-hearted entertainment that kids loved. It has been four years since the series has been concluded. Perhaps that’s the reason there have been plenty of rumors that circulated the online space. Here is what we ought to know about the sources.

Gravity Falls did not renew for the third season by Disney and it was the talk of the town that the series would never return. Over the past few weeks, there have been many articles and rumors that circulated over social media about Gravity Falls Season 3. A number of those articles carried clickbait titles that suggested that the series would never come back.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

The earlier two seasons of the series have filled the fans with joy. They crave for more and fresh content. They are looking forward to more entertainment and hence they are demanding the release of the upcoming season of the series.

When season 2 concluded, the producer of the show wanted to conclude the show. He said that he was not in favor of stretching the story too much. However, the fans of the series craved for more hence they had to think over their decision. Still, there is no authentic news of the release of the third season.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

However, in 2017 Hirsch revealed that he was open to carrying on the cartoon series. He alluded to the release of special episodes instead of a complete season. After that, there has been no information record that would suggest that Gravity Falls would make a comeback any time soon.

As you can realize now that Disney has not announced the date of season 3, there has been no official release date for the premiere. If Disney picks up the series again, we may expect the Gravity Falls Season 3 somewhere in late 2021. The new content is likely to be in the form of shorts that have been produced after every few years.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast and Characters

The cartoonish series was voiced and play by many talented artists. Jason Ritter voice the character of Dipper Pines. Mabel Pines has the voice of Kristen Schaal. Alex Hirsch voiced the character of Grunkle Stan. Alex Hirsch also voiced another renowned cartoon Soos Ramirez while Lind Cardellini lends voice to Wendy Corduroy.

Dipper Pines, voiced by Jason Ritter is one of the major characters thus he is an important cast member of the series. Dipper locates a journal that is named as 3 inside a forest. He deciphers mysteries. The character is extremely imaginative as well as creative. He is twelve and he just cannot sit idle so he engages himself in solving riddles on an everyday basis. He also harbors feelings for another character namely Wendy. She is a teenager.

As for the character of Mabel Pines, she is a younger sister and twin of Kristen. The lively girl has extreme talent in arts and she helps her brother in untangling the mysteries of the town. Mabel happens to be an avid reader of fiction. She has a special interest in reading novels that revolve around romance and vampires.

The great Stan aka Grunkle Stan is created as a self-centered, aggressive, and rough character. He is an alpha male but he loves the twins from the core of his heart. He is the owner of Mystery Stack where he sells different items at a highly inflated price to tourists who visit the town. He is greedy and that’s why he gets in grave danger on several occasions. However, the twins always stand by him to help him out of trouble.

There is another character Jesus Alzamirano or Soos Ramirez. He is 22 years old and a helper at Stack’s Mystery Shack. He is an expert at DJ work, playing pinball, and DJ work. He stays ever ready to lend a helping hand to Dipper and Mabel in all situations.

Wendy Corduroy is a teenager and also a part-time worker at Stack’s Mystery Shack. The girl also is a part of the group because she contributes to her physical strength. However, another reason for her inclusion in the group is that Dipper has a crush on the girl. Wendy does not return the same feelings to Dipper. She has made it clear that the two cannot keep up their romantic relationship.

Gravity Falls Storyline

The animated cartoon revolves around two cousins who are about 12 years old each. Both are named Dipper Pines and Mabel. The cousins plan audacious summer vacations in the woods of Gravity Falls city. They get to know soon several dark secrets about the town.

This happens with the help of a diary that Dipper accidentally fishes out in the woods. The diary reveals several techniques and mysteries about the city that helps them. They enjoy the town and spend the summer vacations happily. The animated series is well-known for the plot, animation, writing, and voice acting. The animated comedy series is a blend of adventure that is performed in quite an audacious manner.


Gravity Falls has turned out to be a major success in the entertainment industry. It has managed to get 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. We hope that there is more about the series soon so that fans stop spinning the rumor mills.

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