With the rise in temperature and the progressive heat, wearing makeup feels to be somewhat heavy. If you don’t want to commit to a heavy-feeling foundation and other makeup products but still want to wear something more than your tinted moisturizer, BB creams are the way to go.

BB creams are known as blemish balm or beauty balm and are an alternative to foundations that offer light coverage and skincare benefits at the same time.

We owe the first BB Cream to Dr. Christine Schrammek. She created it as a stopgap for her patients to camouflage the side effects of aesthetic medicine treatments like peels and microdermabrasion, which left the skin red and inflamed.

Instead of applying a heavy formula, which might have left the skin even more uncomfortable and irritated, Schrammek wanted to offer them something that would blur the imperfections and provide coverage, but most importantly, be kind to the skin.

Since then, the multitasking formula has been perfected and has become a mainstay beauty and skin product. From blurring formulas to options infused with SPF, we’re sharing the benefits of BB creams, how to apply them, and our favorites to try.

What are the benefits of BB cream?

The best way to describe BB cream? It’s an all-in-one product for your skin. Here are a few reasons to choose a BB cream as your base.

1. A multitasking product, with all-in-one treatments:

BB cream is the perfect union between beauty and care. They are part makeup and part skincare products. Your skin can reap the benefits of two or three different products from one application.

They blend the qualities of a tinted moisturizer, an anti-aging moisturizer, and an SPF skincare product. Most organic bb creams contain several beneficial ingredients such as natural hyaluronic acid rock-derived minerals that provide sun protection, titanium dioxide, vitamins, and antioxidants that’ll make you cut down on products and ingredients applied to the skin.

2. Go on smooth and look natural:

BB creams are light formulas, so your skin will not feel asphyxiated, especially in summer. You can easily apply them plus, the coverage you’ll get with a BB cream is natural and dewy with long-lasting hydration.

3. Cover blemishes and imperfections without irritation:

BB creams Immediately unify the skin tone, covering imperfections such as spots and expression lines, leaving the skin radiant, thanks to the pigments that provide luminosity and color, instantly putting on a flawless finish.

If you have any additional skin concerns like breakouts or dry skin you can easily find a bb cream formula with ingredients to address those too.

Difference between BB Cream and CC Cream

CC Creams emerged later, after the BB Cream boom. The acronym CC stands for Color Correcting. That is where the biggest difference between BB Cream and CC Cream lies.

CC Creams provide more coverage to the skin and improve skin tone, all while maintaining the lightness of a BB Cream. In addition, most include a more intensive anti-aging and anti-blemish treatment. So if you are looking for a lightweight product and very natural coverage, go for a BB Cream.

What’s the best way to use BB cream?

Because a BB cream is a combination of skincare and makeup, the application process can be a little confusing but fairly easy to apply. You can use a BB cream as part of your daily makeup in place of foundation.

If your skin tends to be oily, the moisturizer present in the BB cream will be enough to soften the skin and retain moisture.  But if you have normal or dry skin, apply BB cream to cleansed skin after applying a moisturizer or face oil for a flawless natural finish.

You can blend gently with a sponge, fingertips, or foundation brush. Squeeze out a small amount of bb cream onto the palm of your hand. Using two fingers from your opposite hand, just dip them into the cream and dab dots of the bb cream on your face. Working quickly, go back and begin spreading. You’ll find that it blends well naturally.

BB cream product recommendations

LAMAV Organic BB Cream:

The LAMAV Award-Winning BB Cream with spf combines complexion-perfecting properties of the purest natural minerals and with the moisturizing benefits of carefully selected bio-active ingredients. Being a true multi-tasker, it provides effective coverage with its color-adaptive formula all while smoothing and replenishing your skin. The result? Flawless skin that’s protected from the sun and from premature aging!

Key Bio-Actives:

  • Kakadu Plum Extract: This Powerful Australian Native Extract has the highest concentration of nutrient-available vitamin C and helps protect the skin against free radicals, reduces the signs of aging, and promotes collagen production
  • Organic Rosehip Seed Oil: Rosehip seed oil helps to repair and rejuvenate skin and smooths out fine lines
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Helps increase natural moisture levels in the skin

Available in full size (50ml) and sample size (5ml).

AUTHOR BIO: Thomas Willson is a digital marketer at LAMAV Organic Skin Science – World’s first Certified Organic Skincare brand infused with scientifically proven bio-actives and natural skin care products in Australia for all skin types. Tarj Mavi, the CEO and founder of LAMAV Organic Skin Science, believes that “No woman has to sacrifice her health for beauty.”

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