Are you stepping into the world of lash extensions for the first time? Well, these lash extensions are more than what appears to the bare eyes. You may come across various aspects while choosing the perfect eyelash extension. Well, the different types of lash extension curls are surely one of them.

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Eyelash Extensions

Needless to say, eyelash extension curls are one of the main parts of the eyelash extension kit. Since there are different styles available, it is very natural for any person to be confused. However, Lashifyhas some of the best DIY eyelash extensions kits that you should consider choosing.

Let’s be honest; the market is filled with different kinds of eyelash extension curls. J and C curls are surely one of the best choices to make. Since there are so many availabilities, you will need to consider every aspect thoroughly before choosing one.

The different extensions will play an important role in helping you achieve the style you desire. Moreover, most of these are tailor-made to suit the needs of clients. Hence, if you own a salon, you need to be aware of all these extension types and then provide one by one to your clients accordingly.

I Curl Lashes

I Curl Lashes

This is one of the most lesser-known curls. This is mostly because the I curl lashes appear as if they’re straight, and they don’t make any huge difference. While I curl lashes will not be suitable for your female clients, they will definitely cater to your male clients’ needs. Any man looking forward to increasing the thickness of his lashes but doesn’t want to curl them should consider getting I curl lashes.

J Curl lashes

As the name goes, the J curl lashes suit their name perfectly. Unlike others, these are hailed to be one of the most natural-looking curls. The J curl lashes are an excellent choice for clients who want downward-looking lash.

If you have lashes that appear upwards or are straight, the J curl lashes will easily solve the problem for you. However, you should avoid applying J curl lashes on downward-looking lashes. It will not only make your eyes heavy but will also make them appear small.

B curl lashes

The B curl lashes aim to give your natural straight lashes a better lift than that of J curl. Since B curl lashes have a slightly extra curl, it is perfect for clients who have straight lashes. You can use it if your lashes appear straight or upward. They tend to have a soft curl and are extremely beautiful. They come with a natural appearance which adds to the retention.

M Curl Lashes

If you want the exact opposite effect of J curl lashes, then M curl lashes are the best ones to choose. M Curl lashes help to uplift the lowered appearing lashes.

M Curl Lashes

They come with a small flat surface which adds to the dramatic curl upwards. Since it adds a dramatic touch, one can expect the wide-eyed effect through these curls. However, if you have hooded eyelids, you should avoid the application of M curl lashes.

C curl lashes

The C curl lashes are the best choice for clients who have a smaller curl, even in their natural eye curls. These lashes help to create the open-eyed effect. Over the years, the C curl lashes have become one of the most popular curl types.

C curl lashes

If you are looking forward to getting a natural yet glamorous look, you should consider choosing the C curl lashes. Furthermore, it is helpful for those who have downward angled lashes. They can provide you with the lift you’re looking forward to. Well, have you seen those girls in Korean dramas looking like dolls? That’s precisely what C curl lashes will do.

D curl lashes

The D curl lashes are also known as double curl lashes or CC. They are very much similar to C curls but curlier. If your client wants a show-stopping look that will make heads turn, put up the D curl lashes for them. The lashes will make your eyes appear big and widened. As a result, it will help you get a curled affect.

D curl lashes

However, be careful while placing D curl lashes as it may prick the eyelids of your clients. The D curl is suitable for people who want to achieve downward-angle natural lashes. Further inappropriate application of the lashes can also cause damages to retention.


There are different types of curls that you will want to choose. As a beautician, you need to check what suits your clients the most.

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