If you’re a fan of anime series in the Yuri genre, then you’re familiar with Citrus- a famous love series about the complicated relationship between Mei and Yuzu. Citrus is based on a manga series created by Saburouta and its production consisted of some of the top producers and directors.

Studio Passione in collaboration with Takeo Takahashi and Naoyuki Tatsuwa (directors) made Citrus an immediate success. As a result, it garnered fans from distinct parts of the world. Released in 2018, Citrus is an iconic anime and fans are still wondering about when season two will be released.

What is The Plot of Citrus Anime?

Citrus is all about a seemingly love connection between Fancy Yuzu and Mei. Yuzu enrolls and begins a new term in a new school that is different from her old school. Her mum has just remarried and navigating a new school that is unfortunately rigid begins to take a toll on her. Mei, the head of the school council, turns out to be Yuzu’s half-sister.

At first, they hate each other but it soon transitions into intense and confused emotions. In the last episode of season one, Mei finally tells Yuzu about her feelings. What happens next? No one knows tet6, which is why the fans are earnestly waiting for Citrus season 2.

Will There Be Citrus Season 2?

As of now, there has been no information from the production studio or manga publisher about a season 2 for Citrus. But, the good news is that there has been no cancellation either, so you can be optimistic. It usually takes a few years before an anime becomes a sequel.

There are a few crucial factors that can help you ascertain the chances of getting more seasons for a specific anime;

Manga Series Status

Since Citrus is based on a manga series by Saburouta, it’s essential for you to consider if there is more material to work with. The manga series consists of ten volumes in total after its translation by Seven Seas Entertainment. Unfortunately, the manga series has come to an end, but there is enough material for a season two.

The first season of Citrus covers only four volumes of the manga series. Thus, leaving six volumes available for TV adaptation.

Popularity and Sales of Anime Series

Another important part of determining if an anime series will get a new season is the expected returns. Citrus has sold about 1,342 units which is apparently low compared to other anime series released at the same time. Despite the discouraging sales, Citrus is 397th in Myanimelist’s popularity ranking. This position is due to it having a global audience as opposed to others with audiences in their city or country.

With both factors, it’s almost certain that there will be a second season of Citrus. But we’ll have to wait until the release date is announced before coming to a conclusion.

What Is The Release Date For Citrus Season 2?

The release date for Citrus season 2 is yet to be announced. But we will update this information whenever a release date is transmitted.

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