Cheryl Johnson-Lavine is popular for being the mother of well-known American basketball player Zach LaVine. However, she was popular enough even before becoming the mother of Zach. She actually came into prominence after her marriage.

Read on further to know more about her husband, kids, education, family, profession, and net worth.

Personal Life:

Cheryl Johnson-Lavine hasn’t disclosed any information about her childhood.  So, we don’t know her birth year. The birthday of this beautiful American lady falls on November 30. Her birthplace is not known to the public. As for her ethnicity, she follows white Caucasian ethnicity. Speaking of her love life, the exotic woman has married the former American footballer Paul Lavine. Since their marriage, the couple has been together and enjoys spending time with each other.


Cheryl Johnson-Lavine and Paul have 4 kids together. The names of her kids are Zach LaVine, Linda Carter, Camryn LaVine, and Chandi Leishman. Her son Zach LaVine is a renowned American basketball player. The duo of mother and son is often seen together enjoying their good times.

Parents and siblings:

Cheryl Johnson-Lavine has never spoken about her parents and siblings. So, there is no information about her parents and siblings.

Education and profession:

Here again, there is not much information available about her education. All we know is that she is definitely a graduate because, in her college days, she was a good softball player. Speaking of her profession, the gorgeous lady has no profession on her own. She is a homemaker and devoted her all life to her family. As a housewife, she did her job perfectly. It’s only she who stood like a rock behind her husband and son to help them gain such a massive success.

Reason for Cheryl Johnson-Lavine’s popularity:

The main reason for the popularity of Cheryl is her husband and son. She first rose into popularity when she married Paul. After their marriage, the couple was seen together more often. Thus, she became the limelight for the media. In fact, her marriage made her a celebrity. The other reason for her popularity is her son Zach. Since he became a professional basketball player, the popularity of Cheryl Johnson-Lavine skyrocketed because Zach shares a good bonding with her mother and often shares pictures with her on his social media handles.

Net worth of Cheryl Johnson-Lavine:

As we already told, Cheryl Johnson-Lavine is a homemaker, she doesn’t really have a net worth under her name. Nevertheless, her husband and her son have earned a massive amount of money. Her son alone boasts a giant net worth of $30 million. Given the fact, Cheryl Johnson-Lavine has huge money and she leads a luxurious life with her family. The stunning lady presently resides in a posh mansion in Renton, Washington.

Cheryl Johnson-Lavine was an emerging softball player in her college days, but she sacrificed her career for her family.  Such a great woman she is. Though she is old now, she is still the backbone of her family and supports her son in his game significantly.

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