Despite the presence of various tools on modern social platforms, such as cropping and applying filters, it is still not enough to create something extraordinary. For those who run their own blog, it is important to have an assistant in the form of an application with a richer toolkit. It is worth paying attention to TikTok video maker VJump, which offers a lot of opportunities both for those who are creating something for their page for the first time, and for those who have experience in it. And next we’ll look at what types of apps there are and how to use them, as well as which one is best to choose.

Apps with manual editing tools

These are programs that offer you handy tools to manually process videos. These can include the following functions:
• trimming;
• splicing;
• adding transitions;
• various filters;
• the ability to slow down or speed up the track, etc.
Such applications have their advantages: they give freedom of action and allow you to independently influence the result directly. However, there are also minuses, since to work in such programs you need to know at least the basics of editing. If you have such knowledge, then such TikTok editing app is good enough for you, although it will not be a good choice if you also want to get inspiration and ideas for content.

Apps with templates

If video editing is an unfamiliar word for you, then such programs will suit you better. They have presets already made by other makers that you can use to create your content. VJump is just such a TikTok video editor. The main advantages of such an application are as follows:
• saves your time significantly;
• allows you to get a lot of ideas for your content;
• makes videos of high quality, indistinguishable from those made by pros;
• allows you to bring any creative idea to life.
Using such a program is much easier than editing TikTok video from scratch, so everyone is recommended to try VJump.

How to use:

1. First you need to install the application on your phone, which is done very simply from the official website.
2. Then, you need to choose a suitable template and determine which one you want to use.
3. You will be given instructions on how to replicate the same video. Fulfill them.
4. After that, wait for some time for the application to process the video instead of you. Yes, this program has real people doing it, which is why it is the best TikTok editing app among all the options with templates.
The result is professional, which will quickly make you popular on the site. Since modern audiences don’t like videos to look funny or ridiculous, this is more relevant than ever.

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