Are you going to be moving soon and have a car that needs to be transported for you? Maybe you cannot drive your car to your new home for some reason, or you may have more cars than you have drivers. Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed about choosing the auto transport company to use for your move?

Moving the contents of your house is a big task and you would only trust an expert company to help you to move. The same should be true of the company that you select to move your car or cars for you. It can be difficult to make a decision about the right auto transport company to use for your move, but there are some guidelines that can help you to make your decision with authority.

This article will help you to focus on the most important factors to consider when you are selecting an auto transport company for your vehicles.

1. Avoid Smaller Companies

It might seem tempting to select your auto transport company based on cost, and smaller companies will typically offer you a better price than some of the larger companies. This is usually because they cannot afford the kind of insurance that bigger companies can offer to protect their client’s property during the trip.

A higher cost for the trip usually equates to better insurance protecting your vehicle and it also indicates that your car will be shipped as a priority, rather than an afterthought. An additional reason to select a large company is that they serve customers from end-to-end, and can help monitor and track your vehicle during its entire journey.

2. Compare Competitors Based on the Size of Your Car


Larger cars will cost more to transport, and you should look at the average costs of various companies to make certain that you are selecting a company that is the right fit for your needs. Some auto transport companies are accustomed to transporting smaller sizes of vehicles, so you will want to make sure that you are picking the right company if you have a larger vehicle to ship.

Cars like trucks or vans will usually have to be shipped open transport, and the cost can be variable for this type of transport. The average cost of such a job is $360-$390 per 150 miles. If the company that you are speaking with is much lower, or much higher than this average, that is probably a red flag that they do not commonly transport this type of vehicle in this manner.

3. Professionalism is Key

Because the auto industry is sometimes viewed as a bit of a rough and tumble sort of industry, it can be easy to forget that an auto transport company needs to be professional and timely. It is a good rule of thumb to avoid any company that does not sound professional and authoritative on the phone, or in their written quote that is sent to you.

If you are not sure what should be included in a quote, you will want to be certain that the total cost is clearly outlined, the total time expected for transit is clearly stated, and good information about company insurance and customer support is attached. This is the bare minimum, and more information in the quote is always better than less.

4. Avoid Companies That Do Not Ask for a Deposit

It is highly irregular not to be asked for a deposit for this service. If you are not asked for one, this is probably a sign that this is not the right auto transport company for you. On the other side of this argument, make sure that the deposit is not vastly larger than that of the other quotes that you have gotten.

If you are not sure what the average deposit should be for your car’s transport, there are great guides out there to tell you the average deposit amounts and transit times within the US. A quote that seems too good to be true is a red flag, and a quote that seems too expensive for the services offered is probably cause for concern as well. Trust your gut and do more research if you feel like things are not adding up.

5. Make Sure to Engage an Exotic Auto Transport Company for Sports Cars

Any car that can be classified as an exotic, or any car that you want to ship with added care, should be transported by an exotic transport service. These services will haul the car in an enclosed trailer which will protect it from road grit, accidents, and the weather. 

It is unlikely that you would choose to have your exotic transported in any kind of open trailer, so expect to pay for the time of a driver that will be hauling fewer vehicles at a time. The cost of this kind of transport will be higher than a basic transport contract, but this is because of the care which is taken of the car on the trip. 

These companies will also carry a higher level of insurance to meet the needs of this type of contract. Be absolutely certain that the insurance the company carries will cover the full loss of your vehicle. If you need some guidelines about what the correct insured amount should be for your exotic car, this is a great article to get you started.

Moving With Confidence


The process of moving your entire household to a new place is daunting enough without contracting with the wrong auto transport company. Being prepared to hire the correct moving company, and the correct auto transport company for your relocation can help you to have a seamless move to your new home. 

Always make sure to do your research before seeking quotes, and you should have no trouble locating and engaging a great auto transport company for your move.

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