Cornelius Crane is the real name of Chevy Chase. He is known for being one of the best American actors and comedians of his generation. Chase has been a role model for many actors.

Other than him being an actor, he is a producer, comedian, and writer. Chevy Chase has made several appearances in comedy shows like Saturday Night Live show and National Lampoon.

During his acting, writing, and production career has earned him many accolades. His acting career breakthrough was in 1978 when he had a significant role “Tony Carlson” in Foul Play.

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Formative years

Cornelius was born early October 1943 in Lower Manhattan, New York. However, he was raised in Woodstock, New York. Edward Tinsley and Cathalene Parker were the parents of Chevy (father and mother, respectively). His father and mother were born and died in 1919-2005 and1923-2005, respectively.

Chase’s father was a magazine writer, and an editor of Princeton educated Manhattan book while his mother was a librettist and a concert pianist. His grandmother is believed to have named Cornelius Chevy Chase after the town in Maryland.

Chevy Chase Education

Before joining his acting career, Crane went to school. He went to Riverdale Country School, but he was expelled and was transferred to Stockbridge School, which is in Massachusetts in a town called Stockbridge. Where he finally graduated.

He later joined Haverford college but got expelled, but some believe that he was transferred. Chase then went to Bard College to study Bachelors of Arts in English. But his roommate “David Felson” at Haverford college said that chase’s expulsion was due to academic reasons. Felson said this in an interview that took place in 2003.

Chevy Chase Family

Chase is also a family person. However, his relationship in life has not been smooth. His first wife was Susan Hewitt in mid-February 1973, but they parted ways after three years of being together. Jacqueline Carlin was the second lady that Chevy fell in love with. He married her on 4th December 1976.

Similarly, to Hewitt, they too parted ways on 14th November 1980. After that, he finally got it right when it comes to love. Cornelius found Jayni Luke, who he married and is his wife now. Their marriage took place in Pacific Palisades, LA, in 1982.

Chevy Chase Health and Addiction Life

In 1986 Chase had a back problem that led to lots of pain. That led to him being addicted to pain killers. With this state, he got addicted to consuming painkillers that made him hospitalized at Betty Ford Clinic. For a while, he never had any other health or addiction condition. But in 2016, he was again hospitalized for an ailment brought about by alcohol.


How Old is Chevy Chase?

By October this year, he will be turning seventy-seven years old.

Does he have Kids?

Yes. He has four children, but most people know only his three girls. The girls comprise of

  • Emily
  • Caley Leigh
  • Cydney Cathalene

Who is Chevy Chase’s son?

It is a query that people are asking themselves. As said earlier, Chase has four children, and Bryan Perkins is his only son.

Chevy Chase Career

Being a producer, writer, and actor. Chevy Chase has achieved more in his acting life. Channel One, who the first comedy shows where Chase got to kickstart his career. That was in 1967 with a group known as Channel One. He got a chance to write for Mad Magazine in 1970 even though it was only a page on Mission Impossible. Also, in the same year, he was the writer of the Smothers Brothers television show.

He decided to become an around the clock comedian in 1973. His decision earned him a chance as a member and writer for National Lampoon radio hour. The show also had other famous casts like Brian Doyle-Murray, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, and Bill Murray. Chase, together with his team, later became the cast for the Saturday Night Live show that airs on NBC. Cornelius, along with his team, shifted to SNL in 1975 and became the pioneers of the comedy show.

Throughout his time at SNL, he presented the Weekend Update.

Though of his humorous success at SNL, he left the show in 1976 Chevy got film roles in several movies like Foul Play, Tunnel Vision, Oh! Heavenly Dog and many others. He is still in the acting career. In 2020 Chase has acted in a film known as The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee as “Chevy” that is the air on 30th April.

Chevy Chase Earning and Net Worth

During his acting career, it is known that Chevy was being paid up to seven million US dollars per movie. While writing and acting at Saturday Night Live Show, he was paid seven hundred and fifty US dollars a week. When he featured for Cop & Robbersons as Norman Robberson, he earned four million US dollars. Another movie that paid him the same amount is Vegan Vacation as Clark Griswold.

It is not the highest amount he earned from films when he acted as Nick Halloway in Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and he was paid $6 million. Other than his acting and writing career, he also got his cash from endorsements. Some of the companies he got endorsements from include;

  • Cola Turka
  • Aflac
  • Doritos

Presently, Chevy Chase is living in Mount Kisco, New York, a location associated with expensive homes in a house that is estimated to be worth a million US dollars. Even as he lives in Mount Kisco, Chevy is known to have owned a house in Hampton, New York, that he sold for approximately $10 million.

Chase owns several luxury cars like Mercedes Benz SL65 that costs $222,000, Mercedes Benz SL550 costing $114,700, and lastly, he holds a Chevrolet.

Apart from cars and Chase loves luxurious and expensive things like classy suits and traveling to different places.

NB: Crane’s wealth is estimated to be $50 million.


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