The super famous and iconic actor Tom Cruise needs no introduction. Not only because he’s been a successful and followed actor in Hollywood, and a very good looking one at that, but his interesting personal life and the movies he chose to star in can be considered milestones in his stellar movie career.

Being an active and successful actor in Hollywood not only has kept him busy, famous and popularity not ever waning, his net worth and financial wealth and prosperity have all rocketed so fast and high as his as his unwavering success and fame as a movie star.

Having been a member of the brat pack in his early years as an actor, meaning to say he’s earning a lot of money as a young actor, he has maintained that status up to this day.

Early Years

Tom Cruise’s father, Thomas Cruise Mapother, was an electrical engineer, while his mother, Mary Lee nee Pfeiffer, was a special education teacher. Both his parents were from Louisville, Kentucky.

Tom has three sisters: Lee Ann, Marian, and Cass. Their family was not rich but all four children were brought up as Catholics.

When Cruise was 18, he decided to relocate to New York to try out an acting career. So, he joined Creative Artists Agency LLC, a talent and sports firm, which opened the doors for Tom in his movie acting career.

What followed thereafter were acting assignments in movies such as Endless Love (1981), Taps (1983) where he was given his first major supporting role, and then was included in the cast of “Outsiders.” 

That same year, he also acted in the movies “All the Right Moves” and “Risky Business” which turned out to be his breakout movies that secured a promising acting career for him in the years that followed. The rest is history.

Tom Cruise’s Early Years in His Career as an Actor

It was in the early years of the 1980s when Tom Cruise tried his hand in acting.  He landed a leading role in his first movie, the comedy film “Risky Business” which was released in 1983. Then he starred in the action drama movie Top Gun in 1986, where he attracted more fans and got noticed as among the promising actors to watch out for.

That was followed by a string of significant drama films where his roles garnered very positive reviews and acclaim. A few of these drama films are the following:

The Color of Money (1986),

Rain Man (1988)

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

A Few Good Men (1992) Drama genre

The Firm (1993) Thriller genre

Interview with the Vampire (1994) Horror genre

Jerry Maguire (1996) Romance genre

Awards and Recognition as a Hollywood Actor

For Tom Cruise’s sensitive portrayal of the character Ron Kovic in the action/drama film “Born on the Fourth of July,” he was honored with a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

In the Academy Awards, he was nominated for the Oscar award for Best Actor for the same film.

For his acting in the film “Jerry Maguire” he again captured the coveted Best Actor Award in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. It was also his second Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Click this to see Tom Cruise playfully acting out some of his famous movie characters with James Corden,

Tom’s Real Name, Height, Weight, and Other Personal Info

Screen Name:                       Tom Cruise

Full Name:                             Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Gender:                                  Male

Age:                                       57 years old

Birth Date:                             03 July 1962

Birth Place:                           Syracuse,  New York, USA

Nationality:                           American

Height:                                   1.7 m

Weight:                                  68 kg

Movie Earnings, So Far . . . and his Net Worth

As a Hollywood superstar and the wild success of all his movies, the net worth of Tom Cruise is placed at around $500 million, according to Forbes, a respected and trusted financial magazine. His salary, reckoned per year, averages in the vicinity of $50 million.

No other actor as yet can claim to have reached this feat of starring in six movies in a row and raked in more than $100 million in revenues.

On record so far, his movies have brought in more than $100 million in the US alone.  Worldwide, Cruise’s movies have earned over $200 million coming from 21 of his films.

Putting them all together, his movies have earned well over $7.9 billion.


More Earnings from Tom’s Movies as Co-Producer

It’s not uncommon for successful movie stars to try their hands in the production side of film making.  Tom Cruise is one exemplary example. He has not only proven it to himself and his colleagues, but to the whole world as well.

The Mission Impossible movies were produced by Tom’s own production outfit. Based on reports, his four Mission Impossible franchise movies made him richer by $290 million.

Here’s a rundown of the Mission Impossible films earnings:

1 Mission Impossible (1996) $467 million

2 Mission Impossible 2 (2000) $546 million

3 Mission Impossible 3 (2005) $397 million

4 Mission Impossible $694 million

5 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation $682 million

6 Mission Impossible Fallout $791 million

TOTAL:         $3.57 billion

Investments Made

As an indication of Tom’s financial and fiduciary sophistication, he believes in and makes significant investment to secure his financial success and security. Take a look at the few major ones so far:

1 He has a beautiful Beverly Hills mansion worth $35 million

2 He owns an estate situated in Telluride, Colorado, that’ s pegged at $30 million

3 He owns a condo apartment worth #3 million in New York City

4 He maintains two private jets

5 Tom owns a luxury sports touted as the fasted car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron, and a sporty and classic Porsche 911, collectively worth around $200,00000.

6 For the security of his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, and daughter Suri, Tom spends about $2 million annually

7 With his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom spends $200,000 annually for his daughter, Suri, for Child Support

Final Thoughts…

Everything is going great for Tom Cruise because he enjoys his life, and his career as an actor and producer. Being an extremely talented actor with good business sense, he leverages the earning power of an acting career and in producing movies as well.  It is further strengthened by his wise investments that include properties that increase in value over time.  The impressive net worth of Tom Cruise attests to that.

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