Shipping containers have strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and managing. Shipping containers range from large steel boxes, which are reusable and used for intermodal shipments, to the ubiquitous corrugated boxes. 

Factors to consider when deciding to rent or buy an Australian shipping container

The weight of the container

 When you hire a shipping container company in Australia, make sure you factor in the weight of the container and the time it will take for it to reach your new location.

The average shipping container weighs around 350 pounds, so moving from the United States to Australia will likely require an expensive container. If you’re looking to move quickly without investing in a large shipping container, renting one may be a better option.

The length of time it will take to reach your location.

Another important consideration when moving an Australian shipping container is the length of time for the container to reach your new location. The average shipping container travels 8,500 miles, so moving from the United States to Australia will require an expensive container. If you’re looking to move quickly without investing in a large shipping container, renting one may be a better option.

The storage capacity of the container

If you’re moving large items, such as furniture or appliances, choose a container to accommodate those items. Additionally, make sure the container has a high enough floor space so that your belongings don’t fill up the entire container.

The Cost

The most apparent and essential concern when choosing whether to rent or buy is the cost. If you need a container for a couple of months, renting is always the quick and economical solution. When renting for longer than a year, purchasing a container may be a cheaper option.

With container rentals, you will pay both deliveries and pick-up charges. If you buy one, you will only pay the delivery fee. Be sure to consider the trucking charges when determining if renting or purchasing is the better option. We can help you calculate the cost between the two if you’re on the fence about your decision.

The Condition of the shipping container

Containers that are mostly available for sale have the original paint from the manufacturer. Those colours can vary, as well as the Condition of the container.

If you are concerned about the Condition of the container, renting may be your best bet. However, if beauty and attractiveness are not your concern, purchasing a used container can be an economical choice, especially if your storage needs are unknown. 

Benefits of buying and owning a Shipping Container

 A shipping container is one of the most significant commodities one can ever own in their lives, apart from a house and a car. Possessing a shipping container is very popular in developed countries like Australia and the United States of America because of the many benefits.

You can reduce the cost of shipping goods.

 When you own a shipping container, you can save on shipping costs. You don’t have to panic about the costly and time-consuming process of getting your goods to your destination. You also don’t have to panic about the inspection and customs processes associated with regular shipments. 

You can increase your storage space.

A shipping container can hold many things, and you can use it to store different items such as clothing, furniture, and other small items. This is great for people who have a lot of belongings that they don’t want to take with them when they move. You can also store larger items in a shipping container if you have enough room.

You can turn it into a home.

It’s simple to put up and use, making it perfect for those looking to live a mobile lifestyle. A shipping container can be heated and cooled in situ; hence no need to worry about the weather. Plus, it has an area of ​​10×10​ ​​feet, perfect for living or working.

Benefits of renting a shipping container

No Maintenance woes

There are usually no bombshells when it comes to the container – it’s ready to go when you are. This means you can focus on your firm, not on maintaining it. You won’t have to worry about dirty containers, broken windows, or other problems that can crop up in a regular storage facility.

Perfect for temporary uses

You can rent a shipping container for a specific amount of time and then return it when the time is up. This allows you to store your items for a short period and then move them on. Alternatively, you could rent a shipping container for an indefinite amount of time and use it as your permanent storage solution.


Generally, it is best to use/rent a shipping container if you move within Australia. This varies if you are going to a countryside property, but generally, it is best to use the hire container provided by your removal company.

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