YouTube has been a booming platform for the creator economy. If you are a YouTube influencer, you must be aware of the traction that one gets on YouTube. The views and comments, and likes play a vital role for every video to go viral.

However, for any video to go viral, every creator must be certain about a few things and vigilantly follow them. As said, “Content is king”; therefore, it is vital to keep your content exclusive from others. To be different from others, you have to think differently.

Before getting YouTube video ideas, know how to share those videos on Instagram and increase your Insta followers.

Wondering how to share YouTube videos on Instagram? Here’s how

If you wonder how to share YouTube video on Instagram, you would be surprised to know it’s pretty easy. You have to download the video from YouTube on your Mac or PC and edit it accordingly depending on whether you want to upload a Reel, IGTV, or video on your feed.

Similarly, you can share YouTube videos on Facebook and other popular social media platforms and gain traction in terms of more followers, likes and comments. You can even direct traffic from your social media accounts to your YouTube channel and tempt them to like & subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Take a look below to get inspired by the types of videos you can create and upload on YouTube and other social media platforms. You’ll become an overnight sensation for sure.

1. DIY Videos

Everybody wants to know the shortcuts to do a specific job, and DIY videos are a good way to gain traction on your channel and get your video viral.

For example, you can post DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos on topics like how to stitch a rose on a napkin, make a flower pot with a water bottle, recycle old paper and make handmade paper or how to draw an eye with a charcoal pencil and many more.

This kind of video is ideal for engaging your subscribers and reaching your target audience.

2. Post Review Videos

You can post more review videos on your channel to pitch your services to your audience or promote other products and services. For example, you can post videos on the best Netflix movies to watch, five most-read books in the world, or five best personality development tips from successful business people.

Your insights will help your audience and allow them to resonate with you. For example, a typical lifestyle blogger will upload more review videos on different makeup essentials.

Other ideas for a typical review video would be to start a series where you can talk about the top movies you watched during the month or the top courses you came across. This will draw many people to your channel and make them your permanent subscriber.

3. Interviews

These videos will have a significant impact on your audience and the growth of your channel. Interviewing successful people from your industry will lead your channel and establish your authenticity. It will also expose you to a wide variety of people interested in the services and products you offer.

4. AMA Videos

“Ask me Anything” videos will help you boost your channel’s engagement and growth. This will help you to interact with your audience and know them better. You can even share your experience with them and hear their side of the story.

You can pick 10 to 20 most-asked questions from your community in AMA videos and answer them. This will include questions related to your journey, queries related to your products, or some personal questions. You can document your journey in this video and open up about how you came with the idea of opening a YouTube channel.

5. List Videos

List videos are trending on the Internet, and it can be a good way for you to boost your channel’s engagement.

For example, you can create a list of favorite destinations globally or the ten best cities for shopping globally, the best places to visit in India, the top 20 influencers to follow on Instagram, or the best movies to watch during the weekend.

6. Motivational Videos

Motivational videos can be a game-changer for your channel. Your audience might look up to you as a mentor, guide, or friend, and an occasional motivational video from you might boost their confidence.

Think about what you can say to your audience that will significantly impact them and make a difference in their lives. Prepare your script and record it with emotions and confidence to add a human touch to your video. Be honest; being you is what your audience wants to see!

7. Prank Videos

Another best and amazing idea to make a viral video on Youtube is to create prank videos.

Everyone could do with a dose of laughter, and uploading funny vines on a thoughtful prank with your friends or a stranger will do the trick. So many of the vine creators on YouTube, like Amanda Cerny, Pewdiepie, Jason Lash and others, have become overnight stars by their prank videos and random thoughtful comedy.


The Internet is brimming with ideas; all you need is a bit of uniqueness to get your video viral. Choose what is best for your brand and audience and go for it.

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