Blue Exorcist is the dark fantasy and mystery genre for all the dark souls out there! It is a fascinating dark fantasy, which is also known as ‘Ao no Exorcist in Japanese. It’s an anime television series that is based on a manga series.

In April 2009, the creator and illustrator of the manga series Kazue Katou published this dark imaginary series for the first time. People in Japan were seen to talk about it a lot as it became their favorite mystery which later on was picked by A-1 Pictures to convert into proper anime television series.

The Blue Exorcist built an anime series based on the source, making the original content even without deviating and looking more organic. The first season of the Blue Exorcist didn’t take a long time to win people’s hearts as it became popular among fans and viewers just after coming on-screen on April 17, 2011.

After the release of the first season of this series, makers also released some special episodes between the years 2011 and 2012. By considering the show’s popularity, the second season of the show was also announced, which was premiered on January 7, 2017.

Fans are now eagerly waiting for season 3 of Blue Exorcist and when its installment is coming, and what twist it’s bringing in its story.

When the Blue Exorcist Season 3 is Coming?

As the blue Exorcist season 2 was released in January 2017, this season continued to be shown till March in the same year. Since then, no official announcement has been made, and at present, no one has any clue about the release date of season 3 of Blue Exorcist.

After the release of season 2, there were two original video animation episodes Kyoto Saga OVA, released in April 2017 and October 4, 2017, under Blue Exorcist. However, there is no news about the coming of the Blue Exorcist season 3 by the makers, but the ending of season 2 gives up hope and tells about the arrival of the new season.

The announcement of the Blue Exorcist season 3 can be expected anytime this year, and there are chances that it can release in January 2023 or as early as April 2022. All these typical days can become true if the makers make the Blue Exorcist Season 3 by following the schedule of two previous seasons. It can also be assumed that the pandemic of Covid-19 has affected the release of the new season’s date.

Expected Characters to Reappear in ‘Blue Exorcist Season 3’

  • Tye Okumuras

‘Tye Okumuras’, the show star, will surely return in season 3. As we already know that the entire show revolves around Satan’s son and the human half-brother Yukio who the boy adopted. This human boy passed the Exorcist qualification and said he would come back if the series moved forward.

  • Rin

In the Blue Exorcist season 3, Rin will become the knight Meister, helping him get better knowledge and skills. He will be seen adding a further storyline to the plot.

  • Renzo Shima

We will also see Renzo Shima in the upcoming season, who has been seen with Ryuji and Konekomaru until seasons one and two. But now, he will be the most crucial part of season 3.

We also hope to see other characters in the new season, such as the Izumo Kamiki and Shura Kirigakure. Shura Kirigakure will act as the guide of the Rin and an upper first class Exorcist. This ultimately indicates the return of her character. Because Rin will need the guidance of the Shura to go against Satan, on the other hand, Izumo is the top female student of the True Cross Academy.

Expected Storyline of Blue Exorcist Season 3

When we talk about the storyline of the anime show, we can say that there were plenty of things that happened in the last season 2, which has left the hope of the continuation of this dark series. Because those incomplete plots need to be completed, it can be said that season 3 is required to achieve that left-out material through the Blue Exorcist. In the third season, Rin and friends are expected to be seen dealing with the Illuminati, a new group led by the king of light, Lucifer.

The primary purpose of the coming back of this series will be to resurrect Satan and unbridle all the zombies and demons in the world. Sabutota Todou is a member of this organization. In season 3, people will also see the invention of the portal Gehenna Gate between the two worlds, and Exorcists will be the only people who prevent the portal launch.

In the previous season, there were only two demons in a single world, ‘Gehenna’ and ‘Assiah’. But in Blue Exorcist Season 3, it is expected that the Illuminati group will join hands with the two worlds making it a single world entirely once again. To overcome those demons, the creators of this series will introduce various experiments. Also, Rin and his only brother are more likely to be seen to stop all this nuisance.

What Does the Author of Manga Series Say About the Season 3 of Blue Exorcist?

Kazue Kato, the manga author, usually takes at least one month’s break per year, but she keeps releasing chapters every month. In an interview in July 2016, she said that it has become common to release series continuously without breaks in Japan. She asked for one month off a year and apologized for taking off.

In an interview, she also pointed to the popular series ending. She gave a hint about four more anime arcs, which means that about half of the story has been completed. She said that the makers had talked about the ending many times. She further added that some patterns for the ending would be solidified eventually.

If Kato publishes her 11 chapters, then it probably means that the ending of everyone’s favorite series would come in 2023! So be prepared; your wait will be over soon!

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