It was the release of “Nisekoi: False Love” when the anime fans got to see the Nisekoi characters on their screens. False love was all a thrilling and fun treat to those who love action and romance in anime. But are they going to get such a treat again? Are there any chances of the release of Nisekoi Season 3? Stay hooked till last to know the answer!

Nisekoi- Explained!

An anime with a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and action is what people find super exciting when tuning in an anime television series. The good news is Nisekoi had been such an anime for the last two seasons; both filled with lots of light comic punches and a heart-melting storyline.

Created and conceptualized by Naoshi Komi, Nisekoi takes inspiration from a shōnen manga series of the same name. Avid anime readers remember that the first manga series published on the 7th of November 2011 took the world by storm. There was no single Japanese anime lover who hadn’t fallen for manga. Looking at its enormous popularity among the masses, manga series were decided to be adapted into an anime television series.

Right after two years from publishing, the manga series made it to television screens worldwide on January 11, 2014. The fan following of this highly engaging season increased two folds, including both the manga readers and anime viewers.

The makers took the opportunity and soon announced the release of the second season of Nisekoi in 2015. This season was also as successful as the first one. Now it has been so long since the makers have spoken anything about the third season of Nisekoi. Fans are desperately waiting to watch Nisekoi season 3 on their screens.

Having said that, let us investigate what are the chances of getting another brand new season of the Nisekoi series!

When Did the Last News of the Renewal of Nisekoi Come to the Light?

On December 2, 2018, “Nisekoi: False Love,” a Japanese live-action rendition, became a hit in cinema houses. This was the last time when the series lovers saw a ray of hope of Nisekoi season 3.

False Love was directed by Hayato Kawai and was a continuity of the same storyline as in the manga and previous seasons. The movie got mixed reactions from anime industry critics, and many critics rated it below average, but still, the film gained massive success with the release in 294 theaters.

The film itself was very great, but the greater was the news of Nisekoi Season 3 lying in the pipeline.  Coming from the close sources of the studio, it was heard that their next project could certainly be the third installment of Nisekoi. The news brought a wave of excitement among the fans of the series.

When is the Third Season Expected to be Released?

Even though the storyline of the movie was not up to that mark, it cheered up the fans with the news of the third season of Nisekoi around the corner. It was being told that the new season is already on the list of upcoming projects of the studio.

Since 2015, when the second season of Nisekoi was released, many other animes have been made. A successful release of “Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story” was also released recently by the studio. A few other projects are also in the pipeline for this year and the next year, but when will they make the release of Nisekoi season 3?

Apart from being sentimental about the new season, the truth is there has been no confirmed news about the Nisekoi season 3 coming soon anytime. Honestly speaking, there is no shortage of content for the makers, as the Manga series has 25 volumes and 229 chapters in total. There can be multiple seasons made out of them, not just the one.

With no solid information or authentic announcement from the makers, we guess and hope that the third season of Nisekoi might be seen in 2022.

Let us hope that the studio has not forgotten the release of the much-anticipated season of the Nisekoi series. Anime fans have put their faiths in the shaft, giving them one more season of Nisekoi with the same hype and enthusiasm as the previous two.

Who Will We Get To See in Season 3?

As the makers have decided not to utter a word on the release of the third season of Nisekoi, It is difficult to make them name any character of the season. We are completely clueless about the cast of the show. Not to claim any confirmation, we can only assume on the basis of previous stories of the franchise and the story of the manga series.

Crazy fans of Nisekoi predict and wish a few characters from the first two seasons to make a comeback. The most predicted names are Kana Kanazawa, Koku Uchiyama, Yuki Kaji, and a few others, whose comeback may give the season a new height of success.

It is also predicted that the fans might get to see some new characters in Nisekoi Season 3 who will double the excitement and eagerness. Whoever appears in the show depending upon the storyline, we all are dying to get glued to our television screens to witness another successful project of the Nisekoi franchise.

Will Season 3 Give Us A Great Story To Watch?

Since there is not even confirmed news about the release of Nisekoi season 3, we can not really predict what is going to happen in the new season. Will Ichigo fall in love with Kirisaki? Will they build any feelings for each other? If yes, where will this new love birds’ chemistry take them? We all are as excited as you to know what is going to happen.

The die-hard fans of the manga series predict that the Yui-nee might make a comeback in the upcoming season. She might open up about her feelings to Raku, and their love story starts to bloom.

If it is true, then this new growing love story is going to bring a lot of twists and turns in the story and it is going to be even more exciting to wait for the Nisekoi season 3.

Howsoever, let us keep waiting with the same energy until we get to hear any official news from the official makers of the series.

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