Billions is a showtime drama that revolves around the cutthroat world of the financial market. The show has been renewed for another season. Since the end of the fifth season, fans have been waiting for Billions Season 6.

Despite the fact that the renewal has been made, Billions has not entered the production phase even for the last episodes of the last season. The past episodes were interrupted because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The network hopes that those past episodes will be released in 2021 and they will be followed by Billions Season 6.

The release date for Billions Season 6

There has been no announcement for the release date of Billions Season 6. However, the good news for the fans is that the drama will be having another season. The fifth series of the show has not yet been completed so it can quite sometime before they release the next episodes.

The scripts may have been written by now. Showtime may be ready for the creation of new stories for Billions Season 6. If it happens, fans will for sure celebrate. Cartermatt says that the show’s rating has been down for quite some time as compared to the last four seasons but it is too early to judge a show like this one based on the ratings of just one season. Billions Season 6 may level up the ratings and popularity of the show.

Some of the viewers may be watching it through DVR and there may be many uncounted numbers for the ratings. Anyway, the network is happy about the attention that the series is receiving. It might be safer to assume that the Billions Season 6 will not only hit the screens but it also will impress the fans. How much you have to wait for Billions Season 6 is yet unknown.

Showtime may resume working on Billions Season 6 once they are ready. A lot of mystery shrouds the release. You may witness a battle between Bobby and Mike in the next season.

The release date for Billions Season 6

The cast of Billions Season 6

The official cast of Billions Season 6 has not been unveiled yet. However, it is assumed that Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatto who play the roles of Rhodes and Bobby respectively are likely to reprise the roles. Once again, they are highly likely to be joined by Asia Kate Dillion who will take up the role of Taylor Mason. Maggie Siff will join the drama as Wendy Rhoades. Roma Maffia will join the series as Mary Ann Gramm. Actor Corey Stoll will make a guest appearance in the role of Mike Prince who is a social impact pioneer in the last season.

Robert Bobby Axelrod in Billions Season 6 whose character is based on SAC Capital advisor Steve Cohen. The actor is well-known for the role in the HBO miniseries ‘Band of Brothers.’ He secured a nomination for the Golden Globe award. He is a brilliant actor. He has played the role of US Marine Sargeant Nicholas Brody in the drama Homeland. For his work in the show, he received Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy awards.

Maggie Siff is a psychiatrist and an in-house performance coach at the Axe Capital. Chuck Rhoades Jr. is her husband. She is a renowned actor and fans know her roles as Dr. Tara Knowles in FX’s Sons of Anarchy and Rachel Menken Katz in Mad Men. She was twice nominated for Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Paul Giamatti has worked in a number of films and different shows for a couple of decades. The actor worked as Chuck Rhoades. She has also appeared in movies like 12 Years A Slave, The Ides of March, and San Andreas.

Cory Stoll was introduced as a business titan, namely Michael Prince in the last season. He is famous for his acting skills in the House of Cards. He joined the cast as a guest star but he has now signed for Billions Season 6. The guest star of season 5 Julianna Margulies plays the character Catherine Brant who is a sociology professor and also a bestselling author.

Other stars that are part of Billions are Kelly AuCoin, David Costabile, Condola Rashad, and Jeffrey DeMunn.


Billions Season 5 is presently on a hiatus because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it is bad news for the fans, it may come as a blessing in disguise for this series. The social scenario may affect the popularity of the show. The protests related to anti-racism may cloud the show because the show is filled up with a lot of wealthy white characters. Not only they are crazy but they also can escape the punishments for any illegal actions.

Some critics have alluded to the fact that the polarization in American society regarding the Black People in the country is not good for the show. Therefore, the show must go on hiatus for a while. The cast and crew of the show should stop posting about the series on a different social media platform and start supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Billions Season 6 Plot

In Billions Season 5, Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod witness that the rivalry between sparks once again. New enemies are emerging out on the scene and they aim to challenge them. The social impact pioneer Mike Prince is threatening Axe’s dominance. Chuck enters a feud with some formidable district attorney. Taylor Mason goes back to Axe Capital where he must fight for the protection of employees and their assets.

Wendy reevaluates the loyalties and then forges a new alliance that takes everyone by surprise. This put her at great odds with Axe and Chuck. The struggle for power turns into a struggle for her survival. All the characters ought to adapt or meet their fate. There is a suggestion that the show should be filmed in or around New York. Whatever, the date of the release be, the next show will, for sure, live up to the expectations of fans.

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