It is part of your car maintenance routine that in every few years, you will have to change your car battery. And, over a couple of years more, your batteries will pile up in your storage room or garage. This is because you are not aware that your old and used car batteries can be sold. Knowing where to sell your old car batteries, will give you an extra profit. 

In selling your old and used car batteries, there will be some things that you need to know. If it’s operational or non-operational, for scrap, and if it can be recycled. There will be stores that are willing to pay for it more than the standard pricing if they are still in good and working condition. 

Selecting where to sell your old car battery is totally up to you, just make sure you get a fair price. 

This is our list of the common places that you can sell and get a fair price from your old car batteries. 

Scrap Yards

Scrap yards are a good place to sell old stuff, this includes, old and used car batteries. Most scrap yards buy used car batteries for their lead core. This is because it can be reused and remanufactured. 

Since most of them are buying it for the lead content, you can expect that prices offered by scrap yards will definitely depend on how much the current price of lead is.

You can use the internet to search for your local scrap yards and it is best to give them a call first and check with their offered prices. Call multiple shops to compare prices. Some of them will give you a better price when you sell in bulk.  

Auto Parts Shop

Your Auto Parts Shops are a good place to check if they are willing to buy used or old car batteries. Although most of them will buy it from you, there are others that don’t. This is also a good place to sell your other car parts that you are not using. 

Give the shops a good call first before going in to check on their offered prices. It is also safe to assume that most shops offer trade in for a store credit rather than pay you in cash. 

Auto Repair Shop

Most Auto Repair Shops now not only sell repair services, but also buy car parts and old batteries. They usually purchase your old batteries to repair, recondition, and sell them to customers on a lesser rate. There are several customers in auto repair shops that prefer not to purchase a new or expensive one.

It is best to check on the shops to guarantee that they purchase old batteries and might as well check on their offered rate. Many of these auto repair shops would want to buy old car batteries that are in good and running condition. 

Metal Recycling Center

You might find a lot of similarity of a Metal Recycling Center and a Scrap Yard. But, both of them differ in prices when it comes to purchasing used or old car batteries. 

Check on your local neighborhood or the internet for metal recycling center locations. You would want to call and check on their prices first for comparison and before going there. 

Its best to have several options where to sell your old car batteries, this will allow you bigger options of profit to choose from. 


A lot of you might know it but pawn shops buy different kinds of things, and one of them is your old and used car batteries. But, you need to check with them first, there are others that might buy and others that don’t. 

Pawn shops offer prices the same with the local market. This means that the price of buying will be the average of all the prices in the area.

Pawn shops are a good source to sell car batteries when you need quick cash. 


Newspapers are one of the oldest and reliable sources of information. You can sell your car batteries by posting an ad through the newspaper. Some local newspaper companies offer free listings. Just remember to place all the details and necessary information of your battery. 

Newspaper companies nowadays have an automatic online post ad. This would be a great advantage to you to get a wide market reach. You can also look for some ads for shops that are willing to buy scrap, old, or used car batteries. 


Craigslist is one of the world’s classified ads websites with dedicated sections for services, jobs, products, services, and items wanted. This includes selling and buying of used car batteries. 

You can post an ad on this website for your car batteries, however, they will only allow those batteries who are still functioning without defects. The price range of your car batteries will depend on the quality that is left with it. 

If you are living in an area without many shops that you can run in to easily. This would be a good place for you to sell. 

Social Media Marketplace

Social Media Marketplace is one of the most influential and convenient platforms to sell and purchase products. An example of these platforms is the FAcebook Marketplace. 

In this specific page, you can see a lot of different ads on different types of products and services. This includes selling and purchasing of old car batteries. 

When you post the information of your car battery ad, make sure to highlight the location. This would be best and convenient to you when your primary market is within your local reach. Also, place a good, real, and legit photo of your car battery to sell. 


Now, we have given you our list of the most common places where to sell and get a fair profit from your used and old car batteries. Make sure to select which is the most advantageous to you.

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