Do you play online games all day long? Are you active in gaming communities, beating other players? Then you could potentially turn your hobby into a career.

The Minecraft Server Host SeekaHost Team offers affordable Minecraft server hosting for all passionate gamers plus many tips on how to monetise their Minecraft game server.

SeekaHost also provides a lot of information about how to make money online, how to earn with an internet business and digital marketing. You can take one or more internet marketing courses at the SeekaHost University for free to get started.

If you combine video gaming with digital marketing, you can become the next big YouTuber or Gaming influencer so read on.

Why a Video Gamer needs Online Marketing?

Hardly any successful business operates without digital marketing these days. It has become an essential skill in all industries and private people begin to grow their online presence to make a living through online revenue streams too. The e-gaming industry is rapidly growing and so are the opportunities as well.

The Minecraft online game is a hugely popular video game that many people worldwide play from a young age. Advanced players can host Minecraft games with SeekaHost’s UK Minecraft hosting servers and share their worlds with other players looking for new challenges or gaming experiences. They share their uniquely built worlds via their YouTube channels to often earn fortunes with video game gigs and endorsements or e-sport championships.

Following online marketing strategies recommended by SeekaHost University will help you with earning online through gaming and achieve the revenue you envision after you invest time and effort in building your brand and gaming presence online.

1. Personalise Your Social Media Marketing to target your Audience

Social Media Marketing to target your Audience

Social media are a great tool in the digital marketing world and many professional gamers use channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course YouTube by running paid ads and sharing regular posts to connect with their audience.

Their followers want to be part of a gamer’s life and posting bonus footage and outtakes gets more people hooked. Additional snippets of your gaming adventures can attract new followers as you let your gaming personality shine through social media channels. Managing multiple social media platforms can boost your online presence as well as help you engage with audiences from different platforms.

As a gamer you can make a personal connection with your followers and build a recognisable brand. Facebook groups are perfect for direct personal communication and Instagram stories can attract more followers. But YouTube is the ultimate platform for any gamer. Building a successful YouTube channel with thousands to millions of subscribers can change every gamer’s life. You can earn through paid ad placements, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and become the new online superstar and influencer.

2. Be the hot topic on Gaming Websites & Forums

Creating a blog with WordPress is your first step to building your online presence, apart from setting up your YouTube Channel. Journalists and bloggers in the gaming industry can find you in their searches as an established gaming expert and they may cover you in their stories or perhaps even interview you also as part of a podcast.

Buying your own domain and hosting with a good web host like SeekaHost, offering a reliable blog hosting control panel will give you more ownership and make managing your websites as easy as managing your Minecraft servers. Learning SEO can be time consuming, but it is necessary to make your website climb in search engine rankings. Popular websites related to videogames may well accept guest articles by talented gamers and agree to publish your guest post, which provides you with an opportunity for a backlink for your website and getting your name out there.

3. Create Unique Marketing Content

Create Unique Marketing Content

When it comes to building your own brand among all the other videogame influencers, you need to share your own perspective and personality in a unique style. Do not copy other gamers’ ideas and methods for marketing. Understanding SEO on YouTube to rank higher in the searches or how to use video in marketing will help you grow your audience.

Record your gaming experiences with humorous commentary while sharing useful gaming tips. Many influencers also share this on their website and live on streaming sites like Twitch or Discord. Podcasts or eBooks are additional ways of making yourself known as a top gamer. Many viewers are also interested in e-sports and competitions so you should share your experiences via your online channels.

Become a successful Video Gamer with a Minecraft Server & Marketing Skills

With the SEO, blogging and Facebook marketing online courses available at SeekaHost University, you will be equipped with all the digital skills to market your gaming persona online. Use SEO to rank your website and YouTube videos better, learn how to monetize your blog to earn online and realise the potential of social media for your video gamer career.

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR strategist at ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd.

As an editor in chief of various news, business and education blogs she also handles press releases and content writing. She has taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and is a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where she teaches SEO content writing.


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