Companies are far more likely to outsource content creation than any other content marketing activity. 88% of companies who used outsourcing said that included writing new content for their website.

There’s a good reason those numbers are high. Content creation is an ongoing and essential marketing activity. Nevertheless, it’s also one that often falls through the cracks when your attention is elsewhere.

So maybe it’s time to hire a professional blog writer to keep your content targets on track. Here are some reasons why professional writing services might be the secret to your blogging success.

Search Engine Optimized Content

Good content will get ranked on Google, but only if you know how to optimize your articles for SEO. That takes a bit of experience, as you’ll want to know what keywords to use, where to use them, and how frequently to use them.

You can take time researching the latest keyword methodology and SEO recommendations, or you can opt for blog writers who do this for a living and understand best practices.

This blog post has more information about how to write with SEO in mind.

Attract the Right Audience

Blogging is all about marketing your business to the right people. So topical relevant content that your target customer will love is the key to attracting new visitors to your website.

Blog writing services will be able to guide you on the topics that most interest your target audience and write the headlines in a way that will tempt them to click.

Efficient and Consistent

As a business owner, you’ll have plenty of high-priority tasks on your to-do list! Blogging takes time. You need to blog regularly and to a high standard to impact your business.

That’s a challenge for many business owners who’ll have other priorities such as staff recruitment or customers to handle day-to-day.

A blog writer can take the critical task of content marketing off your hands and ensure your website has plenty of fresh and original articles every month.

Higher Engagement and More Social Media Shares

Getting people to read your articles is just the beginning.

To succeed with blogging, you need your readers to love your articles and share them with their friends. Your blog writing has to be relevant, original, engaging, and entertaining.

Getting a professional content writer is a sensible investment if you don’t have a writing background. Hiring a professional means that you won’t have to fine-tune your writing skills on top of your busy day job.

Engaging content means visitors are more likely to read the full articles, and you’ll get higher social shares (both of which will help your SEO rankings too).

Is a Blog Writer Right for Your Business?

Even if you love writing, ask yourself whether you have the time to commit to writing regular, high-quality blog posts for your website.

For the majority of business owners, the answer will be no. In which case, it’s time to consider whether the savviest decision you can make for your business is to hire a blog writer.

For ideas on what qualities to look for in a good writer, head to our resources section

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