Are you looking forward to a trip to the salon but not sure where to begin with nail polish? Or perhaps you’ve seen the latest trends for at-home manicures and want to learn more.

Nail polish comes in all kinds of categories and colors, and it can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. Learning about the different types of nail polish will help you determine the best look for you and your lifestyle.


Different types of nail polish can be separated by how you apply it and the kind of polish that’s used. This may vary in look and how long it lasts, and how difficult it is to remove.


Your basic nail polish is one you’ve likely used before. You can buy it at most any drug store and remove it with nail polish remover.

Applying a few coats will last a while but it can chip off easily and take a while to dry depending on the brand. However, it is affordable and easy to take off and apply again whenever you need it.


One of the more popular types of polish for nails now is gel. Gel gets brushed on like a basic polish, but sealed using UV rays and makes a hard coat on your natural nails. It will start to peel or chip around 2 weeks and can be removed at home.


When you see longer, more decorative nails, these are often acrylic nails. They’re made with a mix of powder and liquid and last around 2 weeks. You can extend the length of your nails easily and go for a fancy look with acrylic nails, but they are harder to remove and may need to be done in a salon.


Another thing to consider when getting your nails done is the type of finish. There are a lot of different types of nail polish finishes, and each can look different and work with certain designs.


A great nail polish finish is matte nail polish, which can give your nails a sleek and sophisticated look, no matter the type of polish used. This look is a flat finish and comes in all kinds of colors.


For a more glammed-up look, you might consider a glitter or shimmery finish. These polishes will have a bit of glitter in them and tend to finish with a shine. You can get them in all different shades and kinds of polish.

In a similar category, you will have shimmery polish and holographic finishes. These also have some sparkle to them and may garner more attention than a simple shine or matte finish.

Different Types of Nail Polish

Nail polish is a great way to accessories or dress up your look. It can be something nice done just for you or a fun activity to do with a group.

Aside from those listed, there are even more different types of nail polish, but this list should help you feel more comfortable with the basics. And if you found this helpful, keep reading for more good beauty tips and tricks.

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