Currently, responsive web design is the modern standard for designing an advanced website. Responsive web design allows the web content to move around the screen automatically and adjust it according to screen size. This entire process makes the websites more accessible with multiple internet-connected devices.

Having a responsive web design has become a common norm due to the emergence of Studios and companies that provide UX design services. By not following this simple rule, the companies are pretty much handing it over to their toughest competitors. It is a common perception that a user will not remain on the website if it doesn’t work or respond well on every device.

Impact of Responsive Web Designing on the Visibility of a Website

To reach more customers, you must ensure that the website is visible on all search engines. SEO campaigns help to optimize the visibility and search ranking of your website. For some companies, these campaigns can be time-consuming and expensive at the same time.

However, with responsive web designing, companies can concentrate all of their efforts on a single website. So, responsive web designing helps companies have a unified strategy and tactics to increase their SEO performance.

High-quality content plays a vital role in improving the performance of all websites. So, companies can improve their ranking on search engines by regularly publishing high-quality material on their website.

The companies will also lose fewer resources involved in duplicating low-quality material for a separate website. In simple terms, a responsive website boosts the chances of a company to increase its presence on search engines.

To understand the massive benefits of responsive web design, the companies need to understand the extent of profit margin that is related to this design mechanism. In this article, we are going to discuss various ways in which responsive web design can increase the profit for a company. These benefits are also vital as they are completely per with the trends of the modern digital world.

Responsive Web Design Can Increase Your Profits

Ways in Which Responsive Web Design Boosts the Profit for a Business

  • Lower Costs for Website Development and Deployment

During the early stages of software development, companies used to have two separate websites for the same website. The first one was meant for desktop browsing and the second one for mobile browsing. For this process, the companies had to hire development companies and have to pay for two separate websites.

However, considering the modern software standards, this process isn’t valid anymore. This is because thousands of companies are releasing mobile and tablet versions for their web pages every day. It is a difficult and costly process to design separate websites for every single device. Responsive web design eliminates all these issues and helps you to manage your website more efficiently. It is also a time and resource-conserving method.

  • More Mobile Traffic on Your Commercial Websites

In the early years of the digital world, the internet was dominated by desktop users. However, with time almost 50% of internet traffic is dominated by mobile users. This trend will rise over the coming years as mobile phones and tablets will become more and more affordable.

Considering the availability of public hotspots along with affordable smartphones, people can easily understand the reason behind the dominance of mobile devices. Many experts have predicted that by the end of 2022 almost 79% of internet traffic will be dominated by mobile users. This figure is almost equivalent to half of the total world population. So, we can easily understand the importance of mobile websites to increase the reach of any business organization.

After the implementation of responsive web design, the owners will automatically witness a steady rise in the website visitors and the total time that they spent on the website.

  • A Significant reduction in the Maintenance Fees for your Website

It is easy to understand that having a separate website for mobile and desktop users will need more support and testing. With two different websites, you have to divide the time and resources of the team to maintain both sites efficiently. Responsive web designing helps companies to save a lot of resources as they will have to mention only one website.

The development team will also save a lot of time as they do not have to develop, test, and support multiple versions of the same website. They will only have to upgrade one single CMS. In simple terms, responsive web designing follows the theory of “one size fits all”. Due to this principle, the companies have to spend less time and resources on maintaining the business website.

Moreover, the companies can use this additional time on other important areas of the business-like marketing, content, and product development.

  • More Responsive and Adaptive Web Pages

The primary concept of responsive web designing is to allow the web pages to load faster on all devices. Responsive web design uses fluid grids and Responsive images to ensure that all the web pages take less time to load. The page loading time has a significant impact on increasing the duration of a user visit.

A recent study suggests that almost 53% of mobile users expect their website to load within 3 seconds. The same study also suggests that faster loading time can increase user retention and improve the conversion rates for a website. All this data significantly justifies the importance of responsive web designing to increase the reach of any business.

Responsive web designing is a boon for commuter users. This wonderful web design provides a similar experience across multiple devices. This process also helps to improve a company’s image in the minds of the users.

  • Responsive Web Designing Builds a Smooth User Experience

As we already discussed earlier, maintaining a similar look and feel for a website across various devices plays a vital role in user retention. For instance, with responsive web designing, a user does not have to side scroll or pinch to zoom in and out on a website.

Instead, the company will have a layout that will automatically fit depending on the screen size. This is probably one of the most crucial benefits of responsive web designing. Many website owners wrongly believe that the primary aim of a web design is to ensure that the user finishes their goal on the website. In reality, the primary goal is to ensure the user comes back to the website and recommends it to others.

Providing a better user experience improves bounce rates, increases user retention, and creates an overall better perception for a business. Users will automatically feel attracted to your website if it retains its visuals across multiple devices.

  • Significant Decline in the Bounce Rates

Bounce rates refer to the number of users that deviate from a website after visiting only a single webpage. As we already discussed earlier, creating a responsive website helps to retain users and decline the bounce rates for your business.

A responsive web design attracts the user’s attention, influences them to scroll through various web pages and sees what you have to offer. On the other hand, it is difficult to maintain a steady user experience on unresponsive websites. Thus, unresponsive websites are more prone to heavy bounce rates.

The visual aesthetics of a web application also plays a vital role in creating a better image for a company. Responsive web design helps companies to provide a customized user experience across various devices. The companies can also use this feature to create a brand image for the business.

  • Hefty Boost to the Sales of E-Commerce Websites

Over the last few years, online shopping has seen a steady rise in the international market. Due to the advancement of technology and security measures, more and more people are feeling confident to adopt online shopping. There has been a steady rise in the number of users who use smartphones to perform online shopping.

A certain segment of users uses smartphones to compare the prices of various items to look for cheaper solutions. Shoppers do not want to miss out on exclusive deals and discounts that are available with online shopping. So, companies that do not have online solutions for their business, are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain more customers.

In the present software industry, there is fierce competition in the eCommerce market. In this competitive market, responsive web design will allow the companies to provide a stable User experience, boost sales, and gain more customers.

  • Steady Rise in the Conversion Rates

Companies can enhance their user experience and build trust by ensuring that users spend more time on the website. This process also helps to significantly lower the bounce rates for your website. Moreover, with improved User experience and confidence, companies can easily increase the conversion rates for the business model.

To enhance this process, companies can offer various features like account creation, appointment booking, and many others. A recent survey suggests the conversion rate for mobile traffic is 69% more than that of desktop traffic. This study also helps to build the importance of responsive design for a modern business organization.

Testing Responsive Websites effectively

The primary goal of this article was to justify the importance of responsive web designing to increase the profit for any business organization. However, companies must deploy proper responsive websites to utilize their full potential. So, the testing phase plays a vital role in ensuring the success of any responsive website. During this process, the developer must ensure that all the features are working seamlessly across multiple devices.

Various tools can help the developers to perform responsive testing on their websites. Every tool is different from the other and has a unique set of features. For instance, LT Browser is a tool to perform responsive testing on different device viewports simultaneously. This tool helps the developers to test both the visuals and the functioning of the website. LT Browser excels at providing all the features that developers need to effectively test their website. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Responsiveness test on multiple viewports like mobile, tablets, desktops and laptops.
  • Generate performance reports of websites powered by Google lighthouse.
  • Test website on different network conditions.
  • Compare devices on multiple viewports simultaneously.
  •  Hot reloading.
  • Full page screenshots.
  • Video recording of a test session.

The Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed various ways in which responsive web design can help increase profits for any business. Considering the present software industry, having a responsive website makes perfect business sense. To succeed in this competitive online market, companies need to adopt proactive methods to provide the best user experience to their end-users.

This is because, if you fail to provide this experience, your competitors will take all the attention. So, the companies need to work with web development companies to create customized responsive web pages for their business. With this process, the companies will gain better rankings, have more traffic, and earn more revenue in the long run.

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