Do you have a cool T-shirt design you’d love to put on a garment?

It’s not difficult. There are many ways to go about doing so such as you can opt for custom clothing that never goes out of style. Ranging from self-designed catchy phrases and slogans to create artworks and images, these clothing are unique on their own. You can prefer different brands like Bella canvas shirts, Gildan t-shirts, etc, for designer custom t-shirts.

Do you want to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe? Are you someone who likes to wear something unique? If yes, then a custom t-shirt from Dallas provides you with the best custom printed clothing range which comes in a variety of colors and designs from inspirational to humorous slogans.

Yet, it’s important that you follow some very basic guidelines. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best T-shirt design tips to get you started.

Know Your Market for the Best T-Shirt Design

A solid brand designer takes the time to figure out who they’re designing for. They research who they are, what they like, and what other brands they favor. Then they let the answers to these questions influence their design.

It’s also helpful to determine the gender and age range of your target market.

T-Shirt Design Tips

Make Good Color Choices

This is one of the most important T-shirt design tips. The more colors you want, the more money you should plan to spend. Of course, you can lower the cost per item if you buy more shirts.

But be sure to ask the printer is they utilize halftones. This is a technique that uses tiny dots of colors that can make three or four colors look like far more than that.

Recognize the Importance of Typography and Font

Typography consists of arranging type in a way that makes sense. The letter and line spacing must be correct and the letters should be set in a way that’s logical, yet aesthetically pleasing.

Use fonts that will most effectively convey the ideas or emotions you hope to evoke through your design.

Stick With High Resolution

When you submit files to the printer, be sure they’re not low resolution. This will negatively impact the quality of the print on your shirt.

When you make your own shirt, avoid images from the web. They’re usually around 72 dpi and not at full size. For the highest quality image, be sure your files are at least 200 dpi and also at full size.

Avoid Standard Sizing

The shape of your cool T-shirt design will determine how big or small it needs to be. If there are circles or squares in your design, you’ll probably want to size them smaller than the standard.

Print your design on paper and hold it up to a shirt to get an idea of how it will look. Remember though, if you’re selling women’s and children’s sizes, you’ll probably need a reduced size print for those.

Consider Composition 

Every designer understands the basic rules of composition. Your design is going to look strange if the elements are too spaced out or too close together.

Plus, if the design is off-balance, the viewer’s eye will be drawn to the wrong place. Finally, be sure the type’s not in the wrong order and delivering a completely different message.

Be Subtle With Humor

The line between a funny T-shirt and an obnoxious T-shirt is a fine one.

It doesn’t take much for a humorous T-shirt to come off as a cheap and low-cost joke of a garment. So even if you have a loud and in-your-face design, keep the humor low-key.

Show off Your Design!

Now that you’re armed with the best T-shirt design tips, get out there and make an impression.

And for more great articles on all things fashion, keep checking back with us.

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