The fade hairstyle is here to stay, with several celebrities and fashion icons embracing the cut. Fade hairstyle involves short hair tapered sideways or at the back. Additionally, you can go for several styles that allow you to use accessories to make a fashion statement.

With fade haircuts gaining versatility, you don’t want to be left behind. That said, here are the seven hottest fade haircut trends you’ll see in 2023:

  1. Low-Fade Haircut

If you want a natural feel with a fade haircut, you should go with the low fade style. You can have a unique finish while maintaining a subtle length. Additionally, you can have the hairstyle facing the back or sideways since the fading is at the back.  The end results ensure you have lean sides, which you can rock for formal events.

You can use hair clippers to collect together the loose edges of your hair. The clippers work well if you want to maintain a specific length. Alternatively, you can use cordless clippers if you have trouble reaching the far-end sides. You’ll love the flexibility of such an accessory.

  1. High Fade

This haircut focuses on the back and sides. The barber should go all the way close to the skin. The uniqueness of this style sets it apart from other fade cuts. It’s your go-to option for a tight, non-dramatic finish. You can maintain a comfortable short or long hairstyle when it comes to hair length.

Thanks to its versatility, you can also curl it as long as you don’t touch the thin layer where the fade starts. You can have undercuts, which are way cheaper to maintain than curls. With long undercuts, your side hair is lowered to the scalp. You can also interchange the styles as you see fit.

  1. Long Side Swept Bangs

Instead of having your bangs in a ponytail, you can try the side bangs. This keeps hair off your face, and you also don’t have to worry about the occasional hair flips. You can get the guard clippers to get everything fixed.

Moreover, since this cut involves shaving the hair sides, it’s essential to grow your middle hair to desirable lengths. This way, you can style it as you desire. Thus, you don’t have only to keep your hair short when you go for a fade cut.

  1. Classic Side Part

Just as the name suggests, this timeless classic has made it to 2023. Its universal flattery makes it compatible with almost every occasion—you’ll surely turn heads if you rock the classic side part. Again, it works perfectly with most hair textures. Therefore, you don’t have to use softening gel on your hard-textured hair, and vice versa.

Recently, it’s received several improvements that make it an ideal faded cut. For instance, you can cut a straight line on your middle or sides for a dramatic design. You can also finish your look with a lightweight pomade or wax. Styling the cut gives you a sophisticated look that can get the girls starring.

  1. Brushed Up

This cut belongs to the faded mid-cut. That alone makes it extremely useful for any style, especially if you have a receding hairline. If you have thin hair, it’s the perfect fade cut style to achieve a classy and attractive look. Additionally, you can use it to grab attention if you have bulky voluminous hair. However, if you find voluminous hair hard to maintain, go in with short brushed-up curls.

Don’t put too many designs on your faded brushed cut. Keep it simple yet glamorous with neutral designs. You can have a straight, smooth-shaven line on your sides before the curls begin.

  1. Curtains Hairstyle

One comeback hairstyle is the popular curtain cut. One significant factor to consider is that you must grow your mane to some length. This way, the cut will be easy to make and style. Most people will confuse it with the brushed cut. Therefore, you can use some design tricks to show the differences. In that case, have a shaven line on your sides or split your hair in the middle to pull off this look.

You can go ahead and dye your hair for emphasis. On this account, ensure you find the best hair color to match your skin tone.

  1. Comb Over

If you don’t want to spend 30 minutes working on your hair in the morning, the comb over haircut should suffice. Not to mention the various designs you can have with a comb over faded cut. You can have the curls, get the sides tapered, or settle for an undercut. Especially with messy hair, an undercut works wonders. Thus, try comb over faded cuts if you want a style that doesn’t rob you of your time, or that can go with most outfits in your closet.


Your haircut says a lot about your fashion sense, so you can’t ignore it. You can’t miss one out of the many faded cut trends to keep your hair in check. Add accessories and shaving styles if you want to steal the show with a faded haircut. They put the fashion puzzle together and ensure you look the part.

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