When you think about supercar brands, several probably come to mind. One of those is likely Lamborghini, one of the most popular supercar brands in the world. But how much do you know about this company?

Have you ever dreamed of driving a supercar? You are not alone. The luxury car market is expected to reach over $733 billion in value by 2026 due to the popular demand for these vehicles.

Whether you are buying or renting a supercar, already own one, or just love luxury cars, read on. Here are the top facts about Lamborghini to learn more about these incredible cars.

1. Driving a Lamborghini Wasn’t Always Cool 

The original Lamborghini models were actually tractors. After the war, the company started as a tractor company in 1947. Using parts of military vehicles, he created the first ‘Carioca’ tractor, and then the first Lamborghini company was established: Lamborghini Trattori.

2. Lamborghini Is Named After the Founder

Ferruccio Lamborghini created Lamborghini, starting with the farm vehicles and transitioning to supercars. He was born in Italy and worked as a mechanic in the Italian Royal Air Force during the war. He founded Lamborghini as a car company in 1963.

3. Lamborghini Is a Direct Competitor 

Enzo Ferrari is part of the reason why Lamborghini became a supercar company. Ferruccio was unhappy with his Ferrari clutch and reached out to Enzo, but the two clashed. The result was that Ferruccio decided to create his own supercars instead, birthing the beginning of Lamborghini.

4. The Cars Are Named After Bulls 

How do you choose a supercar’s name? Each car company has a different way of naming cars. But the next time you consider renting a supercar, such as a Lamborghini with mphclub.com, check the supercar name.

For example, Lamborghini models have bull names. Ferruccio liked bullfighting and felt the bull was a powerful animal. So, he started to use names of famous bullfighting bulls, such as  Lamborghini Miura.

5. The First Show Car Had No Engine 

When you think of driving a supercar such as Lamborghini, you probably think about its powerful engine. But at the Turin Auto Show of 1963, the Lamborghini had no engine. Instead, Ferruccio had to use bricks.

The first Lamborghini model was developed in four months, and when they came to fitting the engine, they realized it did not fit.

6. Ferruccio Didn’t Support Motor Racing

Ferruccio Lamborghini did not like motor racing, as he believed it was a waste of resources and time. For a long time, the company had a strict rule of no racing team, but in recent years that has changed. Like other companies, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini now takes part in motor racing.

Enjoy These Facts About Lamborghini

There are many facts about Lamborghini to discover. These six facts get you started with discovering more about driving a Lamborghini. The good news is now you can discover Lamborghini in different ways, such as renting a supercar or learning more Lamborghini facts.

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