Home improvement spending rose to $420 billion in 2020, and the home renovation boom still continues strong. If you think your house is in need of some work, you’re not alone. However, you might be wondering where to even begin.

If that’s the case, read on to discover the top home renovations to add appeal and value to your house.

Pinpoint Areas That Don’t Work

The first step is to decide why you want a home remodel in the first place. Before fixing up your home, create a list of areas that don’t work for you anymore.

Is your current bathroom too small for your household? Maybe you don’t have enough storage in the kitchen, or you need a dedicated home office space.

You might want to update your house if it looks a little dated. Following current trends can be a lot of fun and transform your home.

One of the big trends right now is investments in the home office. If you work from home, even part-time, this can make a big difference.

Updates That Add Value

If you plan to sell your home or you bought a fixer-upper, start with updates that add the most value.

Here are some of the top home improvement projects that add value:

  • Bathroom remodel
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Exterior improvements
  • Landscaping
  • Adding a deck, patio, or porch
  • Replacement windows
  • Painting the walls
  • New flooring

You might also want to buy new appliances, especially if they’re energy-efficient. Upgrades like these can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Start With Rooms You Spend Time In

Which rooms of the house do you spend the most time in? Focus on these areas to gain maximum enjoyment from your home renovations.

Even simple updates, such as repainting the walls or upgrading the flooring, can make a huge difference. Adding new energy-efficient windows helps keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What about making your house a smart home? This can help you save on your energy bills.

Hire Contractors

While some people prefer to DIY home improvement projects, there might be times you aren’t qualified to handle the job. For instance, electrical work should be left to an electrician and plumbing to a plumber.

It’s easy to find home pros these days, especially when you have them vetted. Get estimates before you hire anyone to find the best price and contractor for the job. Another thing to consider for the house renovation is to consult right to light surveyors. They are experts in reviewing design schemes from the outset and advise you and your design team on necessary adjustments to the proposals to reduce infringement upon a neighbour’s right to light.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Updating your landscaping can make as much of an impact as interior projects. Plant some trees and flowers, repaint your house, update your shutters, or replace an old roof.

Updates to your landscaping boost your home’s curb appeal, which improves the value of your house.

If you love spending time outdoors, your home remodel might involve adding a deck or patio. These are also upgrades that add value to your home.

Are You Ready to Start Your Home Renovations?

We hope this simple guide helped you get some ideas and guidance on how to start your home renovations. If you’re selling your house, focus on areas with a higher return on your investment. If you plan on staying put, focus on rooms you spend a lot of time in and what makes you happy.

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