5 Winter Trends For Garden Design

Enhance your outdoor space with 5 garden design trends for winter 2021. In this article, we’re going to reveal the best ways to maximize your backyard this winter with outdoor sofas, beautiful firepits, and wicker patio sofa sets with cushions for a pop of color.

While the cold weather means the BBQ will need to go back in the garage, it doesn’t mean your time spent outdoors must come to an end. And the pandemic has done little to dampen people’s desire for a nice outside space.

While many of us have put vacations on hold, if there is one place we’ve been spending more time in this year, it’s the garden! So, show your backyard a little TLC and create an area outside for you and your loved ones to really enjoy this fall and winter.

Firepits & Marshmallows

1: Firepits & Marshmallows

When it comes to winter garden design, it’s all about keeping cozy while enjoying Mother Nature. Outdoor firepits are the perfect spot for entertaining guests or enjoying your garden on a warm fall evening.

Firepits come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, from simple backyard models with one fireplace to more elaborate spaces that include outdoor sectionals with firepits built-in.

You’re sure to find something if you look hard enough because there’s nothing like having your own cozy space illuminated by an elegant firepit. By investing in a firepit this year, you’ll have the perfect excuse to tell stories over s’mores and roast hazelnuts over an open flame! Discover our online range of outdoor propane firepits here.

2: Indoor Outdoor Furniture

The garden design industry is always looking for ways to make outdoor spaces more comfortable, and one of the latest trends in this field is sectional seating. From 7 piece outdoor sectional seating areas to indulgent outdoor sectional sofas for ultimate outdoor comfort, section off parts of your garden for entertaining and relaxing.

It’s almost as though homeowners are building a whole new living room outside their homes! The indoor, outdoor garden design trend can be easily achieved by investing in an outdoor sofa. Look out for sectional outdoor sofa sets with built-in firepits that create a focal point while stargazing, sharing a bottle of wine, or dining outdoors during the fall.

Add Color With Outdoor Cushions

3: Add Color With Outdoor Cushions

Long gone are neutral colors and soft pastel shades because come winter 2021, garden design is all about vibrant tones that will instantly liven up your outdoor space. While softer tones helped calm the mind during the global pandemic and turn gardens into tranquil retreats, when winter arrives, it’s time to feel invigorated outdoors.

Think royal blue, forest green, and burnt orange. One of the best ways to jump on this bold color palette is to invest in neutral garden furniture and add pops of color in the way of outdoor cushions. This way, when spring comes you can switch your outdoor cushions as garden design trends change with the seasons, but still, keep your outdoor furniture set for years to come!

4: Welcome Wildlife In

The winter season is a great time to create habitats for wildlife and plants. The ground may be covered in snow, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop working on your garden! Create wetland areas by adding reeds and rushes close to exposed soil and next to bodies of water.

This will attract ducks and frogs. Turn over fallen leaves in your garden to give small animals easy access to caterpillars and slugs. Hang bird feeders and invest in birdbaths to welcome wildlife to your backyard this winter. A garden should be alive and buzzing with life for it to truly fulfill its purpose. And this is going to give you a much closer connection with nature than ever before!

Morning Coffee Outdoors

5: Morning Coffee Outdoors

Finally, we come to coffee outdoors. Since many of us are still working from home this fall, taking an hour in the morning to appreciate the day, sip a coffee, and enjoy a couple of minutes of mindful meditation can really help support mental health.

That’s why transforming gardens, backyards, and balconies is on the rise, as more people prioritize their morning coffee over checking social media and emails for work. So, take the time to update your outdoor space with a bristro set, firepit, or even an outdoor sofa and spend time clearing your mind and getting your thoughts together each morning, among nature, before opening your laptop!

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