Many people prefer to do DIY electrical repairs at home. Although some repairs you can do so, most need a professional electrician to sort them out. DIY electrical repairs are fraught with danger as you do various home improvements. Since many people want to save money by not calling an electrician.

The final results may be catastrophic. For this reason, always contact a professional electricians from St. Louis to solve electrical issues in your home to get decent work. In this article, are reasons why you should not DIY with electrical work.

  • Electrical shock 

One main concern of working with electricity is the danger of electrical shock. Electrical shocks are deadly. More so while working with any voltage but true with higher voltages. The average voltage that most homes use is enough to give you a nice jolt.


However, voltage levels in appliances like dryers and ovens can be higher which makes it a deadly current amount. Hence, why electricians have to go through training to know how to safely handle electrical issues. Although you can always turn off the power at the circuit breaker, most DIYers assume this step and this leads to a dangerous situation.

  • Hidden electrical dangers 

The home has so many electrical components, and with all of them, there cannot miss any hidden connections that can cause some sort of electrical shock hazards.

Hidden electrical dangers

The attic is one area of the home that has a high risk of having these hidden hazards. But, the idea of having the hidden junction boxes is to keep electrical components out of sight. Meaning that it can be a challenge to locate them, causing a high of inadvertent electrical shock.

  • Fire hazards 

Not only is electrical shock a reason not to do DIY electrical stuff, but the dangers of electrical fire because of faulty wiring are also a concern in DIY electrical projects. There are many electrical components to work with and it can be confusing trying to sort out wiring issues.

Fire hazards

The placement of a single wire in the wrong place is all it takes to increase the chances of an electrical fire. Where the results of an electrical shock are immediate, those of an electrical fire can stay dormant for months. For this reason, this leads DIYers to a false sense of security after completing their electrical work.

After some weeks the wiring shorts out causing an electrical fire. Hence why it is vital to hire an experienced electrician when you have to solve issues with your electrical system.

  • GFI implementation 

The Ground fault interrupters or GFI is an electrical component used to keep homeowners safe. The GFI prevents the users from getting shocked in the case of a faulty connection. The GFIs are commonly used where there is a moisture issue.

For instance, outlets located outdoors and bathrooms. However, most electrical DIYers are not familiar with the GFI concept and so they neglect its use. Therefore, they end up installing a standard outlet that presents a danger to the users. Contact a certified electrician to go through the home to determine an area that needs GFI switch or outlet installation.

  • Inspection issues 

One of the most overlooked aspects of DIY electrical repairs is having all electrical components having to pass an inspection before you use them. The failure to do this presents a danger to you and it can lead to heavy fines.

Inspection issues

Therefore, do not be the homeowner that assumes that they can hide electrical repairs in the attic and behind walls. As you will run into problems as you go to sell the home as it will not meet the right criteria to pass inspection. Hire a professional electrician to ensure that every electrical repair passes inspection.

To conclude, as the points above show, there are several dangers that as a homeowner you need to consider as you attempt DIY electrical repairs. One of the concerns is the risk of an electrical shock and also the probability of an electrical fire occurring if you do repairs correctly. Also, as a homeowner, you can face heavy fines if you do not recognize and follow the electrical code of your area. Thus, hire a professional electrician when you need electrical repairs or maintenance done.

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