Much like the way you brush your teeth daily, your body needs energy cleansing every day. An energy field, also known as aura, exists within every living being that comprises negative and positive energies. The more healthy an aura is, the more likely it is for your body, mind, and spirit to remain fit.

Sometimes you feel mentally or emotionally drained, heaviness in your heart, or anxiety creeping upon your body. It happens when the energy flowing in the body gets blocked. An energy healing session can most definitely help you clear out all the negativities from the energy field.

It refers to the process of unlocking the energy flow and achieving the energy balance back in your body. It is a common belief that it is a surefire method to keep your body at ease and improve your mental health. People believe that through healing sessions, you could revive the energy flow in your body and enjoy sound mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Read on below to find out some of the healing methods that you can practice; only if you recognize your energy:

  • Reiki

Composed of two Japanese words (Rei: God’s wisdom) and (Ki: Energy), this therapy can treat flu, cold, stomach ache, and even heart problems. During this energy healing session, therapists generally place their hands on the head, arms, or upper body ever so slightly. If you have any injury, the practitioner might place the hands just above that specific injury part for 2 to 5 minutes.

You might feel some tingling sensation over your body. However, the therapist keeps holding the hand until the energy transfers. As soon as energy from the hands lessens, the therapist moves to the other parts of the body. Although the energy transferred isn’t quantifiable, you can still feel it through your body if you were really into the session. The relaxation you achieve can also help you fight insomnia and nauseous feelings.

  • Qigong

The qigong modality originated from Chinese medicine and is the best way to reduce stress and fight depression. There are two types of practices involved in qigong:

  • moving meditation: It requires a person to exercise different activities until each body posture becomes perfect. After this, you need to identify the energy flow and the breathing movements in every pose.
  • Sitting meditation: In this type, you practice the same postures but for a more extended period. That way, you can make your limbs stronger.

During a qigong session with a practitioner, you will first have to relax completely. In the meantime, the practitioner, too, will relax and collect the universal energy. Since we all breathe the same air and live in the same energy, the therapist uses this energy to help you heal and de-stress.

  • Healing Touch

Healing touch is a very gentle method to improve the health and wellness of a body. It does not require any physical equipment to make you feel better. The practitioner restores the energy flow that might have got blocked because of severe illness or extreme pain.

During this, the practitioner will first ask some questions regarding your mental, physical and spiritual health. The treatment usually takes place on a massage table where you lie fully clothed. The practitioner puts his hands above your body and notices different sensations in the form of tingling, heat, or coldness. After this, with your consent, the healer places the hands gently on various parts of the body. It generally takes 40 to 60 minutes to complete the session.

  • Reflexology

Also known by the name of zone therapy, reflexology helps you release stress and lift your mood. It works on the principle that specific body points directly link with different organs of the body. When a therapist applies pressure to the reflex points, the energy resume to flow, and you can feel the tension releasing from your body.

You can either sit on a relaxing chair or lie on a massage table. The reflexologist usually starts the session by asking random questions about your health, eating habits, and daily life. The practitioner will decide whether to work on your ears, hands, or feet after contemplating your answers. Most practitioners apply cream or oil on the feet, gently massage it, and put slight pressure at the reflex points. However, you feel calm and relaxed afterward.

Final Words

When combined with regular medical treatments, the holistic approaches of energy healing can do wonders for your body. However, it is relevant to note that these are some of the typical methods of it. Several other therapies also exist for you to improve the well-being and heal your body. Why not practice new and different techniques every day and add them to your daily life routine?

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