After an unprecedented year of staying close to home for work, school, and leisure time, many homeowners have recognized how home improvement is shifting along with priorities. While bathroom and kitchen renovation Los Angeles are always popular projects, outdoor living spaces are climbing high on everyone’s wish list.

What is the motivation behind this trend for outdoor rooms in 2021? These five reasons make perfect sense, and they may even convince you to make a change and improve your outdoor living.

1. More Room for Living

Adding livable space to your existing floor plan can be a challenge. You may not have enough room for a large home addition, and even if you did, the scale and expense of such a project may not make sense for you. On the other hand, tapping into your existing outdoor property that often sits unused is a brilliant way to expand your home’s footprint and give you another place to relax.

2. Extra Options for Entertaining

You can only fit so many people inside your home. Outdoor rooms can accommodate a larger gathering of friends and family without four walls to confine you. How you use your outdoor space is up to you, but here are some popular ideas that other outdoor living space designers near me have created:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Living room
  • Bar
  • Conversational seating

In addition, water or fire features add personality and focal points for inviting spaces. Some homeowners even incorporate fixtures to make their outdoor rooms usable throughout the year, including fireplaces, heat lamps, and misters.

3. Additional Value at Sale

Potential buyers love the creativity and usability of outdoor living rooms and kitchens, so this is one home improvement project that is worth the outlay. With a clever layout and unique features, your outdoor space can attract lots of attention when you are ready to list your property, especially with thoughtful staging and attractive furnishings.

4. Extra Connection to Nature

You do not have to have a gorgeous beach view to make your outdoor living space feel natural. All it takes is a well-maintained yard or simple planted containers to create your own landscape. Spending time outdoors, even to sip your morning coffee or read a book, can give you fresh air and vitamin D to boost physical and mental health.

5. Added Savings Over Time

If 2020 grounded many people from travel or vacations, then you can see why homeowners want the perfect staycation home base in 2021. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to designing your outdoor space. If golf is your thing, add a putting green.

If you love to lounge in shallow water, incorporate a Baja shelf into your pool and deck update. Even small investments in outdoor living can pay off with fewer restaurant meals or weekend getaways to take you away from home.

Look for inspiration online or in magazines featuring interior design Manhattan Beach for more ideas about how to elevate your outdoor living this year. You may be surprised at the many options you have to personalize your property to enjoy it even more.

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