It takes time, effort, and so much money to transform a start-up into an established business. Nobody would like such hard work undone in a few minutes. This is why most business people invest in security features.

Some of the installations people use to make their brick and mortar stores more secure include:

  • Alarm Systems,
  • Cctv Cameras,
  • Motion Sensors,
  • Roller Shutters.

These act as deterrents, and they also prevent burglars from breaking into your store.

Looking to make your business premises safer and more secure? Here are ways through which roller shutters can help your business safe with roller shutters.

Enhanced Security

One of the primary reasons why people invest in commercial roller shutters is that they guarantee improved security. These shutters are made of tough materials. Such materials need special equipment to cut through, making it difficult for would-be thieves to breakin.

When searching for potential burglary targets, the lack of a deterrent is the biggest motivation for would-be intruders. Without a proper security mechanism, it is much easier for them to carry out their crime.

Rolling shutters shut down these opportunities with a barrier that is impossible to overcome without drawing the attention of neighbours.

The toughness of roller shutters discourages burglars from attempting their criminal actions. As such, you have peace of mind knowing nobody will touch your property, even when you are away.

Fire Protection

Besides thieves, fire can also cause significant losses to a business, especially if it isn’t contained before it spreads.

Commercial roller shutters are better at containing fires than wooden doors. If there’s a fire in your store, you can limit the affected area by closing the shutter. Since modern variants have a special fire-resistant coating, the fire will go out before it affects the entire building.

It is advisable to invest in fire retardant roller shutters, particularly if your business deals with flammable substances like paint and chemicals.

Weather Protection

Natural hazards also pose a threat to your business premises. Windstorms, snow and excess heat, can damage your belongings and other structures in your store.

When it’s windy, you can protect your items from being blown away by rolling down the shutters. The same applies when it’s snowing.

About extreme temperatures, roller shutters have insulation properties. This means that they keep your shop warm when it’s cold outside and cool when temperatures are high. Besides making your premises more comfortable, this structures help you save on electricity bills.

Improved Safety

Thanks to technological advancements, modern roller shutters are much safer than older models. Anti-fall back brakes are a standard feature in all variants. This means there is a lower risk of accidents.

Moreover, you can add the features below. This ensures that the shutters don’t hit people and vehicles accessing your business.

  • Safety edges
  • Audible warning sirens
  • Induction loops
  • Safety photocells
  • Traffic lights

More Privacy

Privacy is an important aspect of any business. It ensures that only authorised people have access to your operations. Additionally, it increases concentration, productivity and allows for freedom of thought and expression.

By installing roller shutters, you can continue with your operations after normal business hours without disruptions from outside. For instance, your staff can clean the store and restock the shelves without disturbance from passers-by. This allows you to use time more efficiently.

Noise Control

Too much noise is unsafe for both you and your customers. If you live in high-traffic environments like airports, stadia, and busy highways, you might want to install roller shutters to help with noise control. The pocket of air between the shutter and the windows absorbs some of the sounds, making your store more liveable.


As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your store safe and secure. Besides cameras and alarm systems, ensure that you secure your doors, windows and other entry points using roller shutters. These structures have many benefits, last longer and need little maintenance as compared to glass and wood.

We have various solutions to make your business safe and secure, whether you are protecting it from thieves or inclement weather.

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