Father’s Day is quickly approaching and picking the perfect gift to give to your dad or father figure in your life can be stressful. While picking the right gift, there are many factors to consider.

Think of certain hobbies or activities your dad enjoys – what is something that will benefit him? Whether you are planning or picking out a gift last-minute, here are some options to consider:


Carports come in a variety of sizes (Check out Arrow Carports) and can provide different purposes. Carports offer protection for your vehicles and other valuables but can also be transformed into a patio, awning, or outdoor workshop.

If dad decides to have guests over, a carport can serve a patio area for guests to mingle while staying clear of UV rays. Additionally, if your dad enjoys building or outdoor projects, he can easily turn a carport into a workshop. Power tools, workbenches, and various other tools can fit under the semi-covered structure. Carports can easily be assembled anywhere and are durable to withstand different weather conditions.

Travel Mug

An insulated stainless steel travel mug is a simple yet useful gift. Whether your dad enjoys drinking hot coffee, iced tea, or water, a travel mug will keep your drinks at their original temperatures for hours on end.

Caffeine lovers love insulated mugs that keep their drinks warm for hours in the morning. On a hot day, the insulated mug will also keep your iced beverage cool. Travel mugs are convenient for everyone, and the best part is, they are reusable.

Sun Hat

If your dad works in the outdoors, then he will benefit from a full brimmed sun hat to protect him from the sun. Sun hats are a perfect gift that gives 100% coverage to the back of your head, shielding you from getting a sunburn.

When buying a sun hat for your dad, consider the work he does outdoors. Hats come in different sizes, and factors to consider are the brim size, chin straps, and neck cape.

A Smart Home Speaker

These speakers are becoming more popular. Whether your dad is hanging out around the house or doing work. a portable smart home speaker will allow him to work or relax while enjoying his favorite tunes. The best part is that he can also take it with him in the backyard.

Home Improvement Tools

Home improvement tools are a must for the dads that enjoy projects and fixing items around the house. For a handyman, a new drill, set of drill bits, or tool kit are great gifts. Other gifts to consider include a cordless drill holster, gloves, a power screwdriver, and a mini handheld vacuum cleaner to clean up small messes.

Camping Gear

If your dad loves spending time in the great outdoors biking, hiking, canoeing, running, or camping, then camping gear is a terrific gift. Finding the perfect camping gift can be a big category to choose from.

Think about the activity your dad loves to do the most while camping, something that he has mentioned needing after his last camping trip. Great gifts include knives, hiking boots, fishing rods, a kayak, a heart rate monitor, a water-resistant watch, a sleeping pad, a Hydro Flask, and a backpack. Get your dad ready to take on his next adventure.

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