Are you interested in shipping your boat overseas? Well, there are some things you should know beforehand. The process of shipping a boat or a yacht to a different country is similar to most other vehicles… but there are some differences. If you are interested, just continue reading.

  • Measure your boat/yacht

One of the most important steps is to measure your boat or yacht. This will determine the cost of the shipping. You could check out the shipping boats and yachts for more information, or you can do your own research. Contact your local provider if you are interested.

For the height, you should measure from the highest part of the boat that is impossible to disassemble, while for the width, you need to take the widest part of the yacht or boat. This is something your shipping company will do as well.

Buy a boat/yacht and have it shipped without a problem

Buy a boat/yacht and have it shipped without a problem!

  • Winterize your boat/yacht

This means that you need to remove all the lights, electronics, anchor, propellers, antennas, and items that are available. These should be stored below. All the cabinets and covers need to be secured, the fuel should be removed, the batteries disconnected. Make sure to tape and latch the windows on the cabin, remove any cargo out of the boat or yacht, and simply empty all the water out of the ship.

  • Speak to your shipping company

When talking to your shipping agent, you need to find out what are the different transport rates, as well as the general shipping details of the boat. For example, you need to know the type of transportation, where the boat can be picked up, trailer transportation and so on.  Your shipping agent will give you all the necessary information for you to be prepared for the shipment of your boat or yacht.

  • Prepare for the boat/yacht arrival

When you learn the transportation line and when it will arrive it is time to prepare for the loading and unloading beforehand. Learn more about the customs clearance, taxes, port gees, and anything else that might be necessary before the boat or yacht can actually be shipped to your country.

  • Prepare in advance

People often forget that you need to prepare in advance, for a lot of things. This means that you should prepare your international yacht and boat transport documents in advance. Simply call the embassy of the country where the vehicle is being transported, and find out about the documentations and custom regulations that are needed.

Make sure that you are prepared in advance

Make sure that you are prepared in advance

Final word

Shipping a boat or yacht internationally is not that complicated, but if you are not familiar with the process overall, it will be a challenge. You could also just hire a broker who can help you with all the paperwork that is needed. This will ensure that you have everything in order for a smooth import/export process.

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