Most people live very fast,  always in a hurry, and hardly have time to take care of a healthy diet. As a result, we mindlessly stuff our bodies with foods that do us a lot of harm and put our organs under a lot of pressure. This is “getting by” for all of us for now, but it will catch up with us all one day.

We have created a short list of healthy foods that can easily be included in your daily diet and will naturally detoxify and cleanse your body of the poisons you are exposed to daily.

1. Beet

This beneficial root contains iron, calcium, and a type of antioxidant called betaine, the plant pigment responsible for its striking red color. Betaine strengthens cellular structures and their repair and regenerates liver cells (our body’s main detoxification center).

The liver protects our body from all the toxins we are exposed to, and the addition of naturally detoxifying vegetables can significantly help.


Tip: Boil or steam this root with the peel to preserve all the vital nutrients. Baking or frying are also delicious options for a side dish. The use of raw beets in a healthy smoothie is recommended all over the world. You can also grate it raw as a salad.

2. Black onion & garlic

Both contain flavonoids that support the creation of glutathione, one of the liver’s strongest antioxidants. They stimulate the liver to produce detox enzymes that filter out toxic residues from our digestive tract. In addition to this, they also relieve this hard-working organ to some extent and show a solid antibacterial, antiparasitic effect and a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Black onion & garlic

Tip: Any detox diet must include these two ingredients. Raw or roasted garlic can be a great addition to any salad. Homemade roasted garlic in a spread will give a tasty and healthy cracker that becomes a tremendous detoxifying snack on your overcrowded day.

3. Celery

The benefits of eating celery everyday are well known. Celery juice helps to eliminate bloating and water retention in the body. Since celery is a natural diuretic, it will simultaneously hydrate your body and facilitate the release of accumulated water.


Celery is rich in potassium and sodium, which help regulate body fluids and stimulate urine production. It directs the kidney functions appropriately, and removing toxins prevents the formation of stones.

4. Seeds and nuts

If you can’t resist snacking, snack on what’s healthy. Always keep a bag of nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, flax, or sunflower seeds.

Seeds and nuts

Regular intake of almonds will help you get rid of fatty deposits around the liver.

Walnuts keep arginine acid high, which helps the liver detoxify ammonia. They are also great for soothing the brain and its functions.

Flax seeds lift the mood. When ground, it also provides a lot of fiber that helps flush out toxins from the intestinal tract. Another great news, flaxseed suppresses appetite and thus enables you to lose weight.

Sunflower seeds provide magnesium, a mineral that helps maintain blood pressure levels within optimal limits, supports a regular heart rhythm, and accelerates lipolysis (the process by which the body rids itself of its fat deposits).

5. Cucumber

Cucumber rarely gets the attention it deserves despite its rich benefits. One of them is the detoxification of the body because cucumber supports the function of the digestive tract and cleanses the liver. It helps keep us well hydrated and acts as a natural diuretic, meaning it helps the body produce more urine to flush toxins and other waste from the intestines and blood.


Tip: Cucumber also reduces swelling and uncomfortable water retention, which is a great reason to eat them, especially after an evening of salty food or alcohol.

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