In 2020, 14% of all consumer spending in the US was online, compared to only 3% in 2019. More and more people are opting for the convenience and choice available in online stores.

This means more people than ever are buying shoes online. But shoes are not like any other item of clothing. They need to be a perfect fit for health and comfort reasons (as well as look great for style reasons!).

These shoe buying tips will help you figure out how to buy shoes online whether you are shopping for sneakers or sandals and everything between.

1. Measure Your Feet and Check Size Charts

For most people, your feet stop growing around the age of 20. Let’s say you found a great fitting pair of shoes in a store with sizes that run small or large at that time. You might have been wearing the wrong size shoe this whole time!

Measure your feet by tracing your foot shape around a piece of paper. Use a measuring tape to find your correct size.

When buying shoes online, always check the website’s specific sizing guide. For example:

  • US Men 7 = UK 6 = Europe 41
  • US Women 8 = UK 6 = Europe 39

If an online store imports shoes, the sizing might be different from your usual sizing. Not all countries have separate sizing for men’s and women’s shoes.

Also, be mindful of the width of your feet as well as the length when online shoe shopping. If you have wide feet, avoid certain shoe shapes like pointed boots and some ballet flats.

2. Buy From Brands You Trust

If you are wondering where to buy shoes online, here are some things to note when choosing eCommerce websites.

Buy shoes from companies that only deal in shoes so you know they are experts and passionate about what they sell. For example, when buying sneakers online there are plenty of stores that only deal in sneakers and you can check them out here.

Always check that you are happy with an online store’s returns and exchange policy before you buy.

If a website has customer reviews for a product, read them! If you are buying a designer shoe but the website does not have reviews, Google the product name. You might find reviews elsewhere.

3. Examine the Photos

You cannot get a decent understanding of how a shoe looks from one product shot. Look for websites that display more than two photographs and have a zoom-in function.

When buying shoes online, it helps to see the shoe on a model so you can visualize how it looks on you and in real life. Many websites upload photographs and catwalk videos of models wearing clothing and footwear so seek those out, too.

Use These Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Finding fabulous footwear can do wonders for your posture, self-esteem, and comfort. While buying shoes online is trickier than in stores, with these tips you will be able to find the right pair and walk the walk with ease.

Want more fashion tips? Check out more of our articles for expert advice!

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