There are roughly 380,000 churches in the United States. Finding the right church for you can take a while. With so many options to choose from and only so many opportunities to visit, there are a few practical ways that you can decide if a church is right for you.

Read on to find out how to find a church that matches your personal mission.

Church Denominations

One of the first considerations when it comes to how to choose a church is identifying types of churches. There are many Christian denominations such as Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Assemblies of God, Church of Nazarene, and so on.

In addition, there are churches that identify as nondenominational or interdenominational. Some of these churches include community churches, Pentecostal, and Charismatic.

Service Types

There are many different styles of service. It’s important to ask yourself what type of environment you feel most comfortable in. Some churches tend to have more formal services and others are informal and relaxed.

Worship Type

When looking into your local churches take note of what kind of worship they are partaking in. There are various ways to worship and churches may choose to include contemporary music, choirs, full bands, hymns, and more. Others may not include music in their worshipping at all.

Think about how you feel comfortable expressing your love for God.

Church Size

Churches come in all different sizes. The largest church in America has almost 40,000 members who attend regularly. However, there are very small churches that only consist of a small community.

This is another important consideration when it comes to choosing the right church for you. Churches of larger sizes may offer more programs to be a part of. While smaller churches may feel more homey and connected.

Ministries and Programs

If you’re interested in connecting with others who believe as you do, a church that offers a variety of ministries and programs would be a good fit. Depending on your set of circumstances you may want a church that offers a children’s ministry or if you’re single you might check on a single’s ministry.

In addition, some churches offer small groups, volunteer opportunities, and mission work. These are great opportunities for you to really integrate yourself into the church.

Visit Their Websites

With the technological advancement of this day and age, many churches have created an online presence. You can get a lot of good information about a church directly from their website like parkwayfellowship.com.

In addition, many churches have begun to live-stream their services. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get an idea of how things are run in regular service.

How to Find a Church

Don’t be afraid to step into that church you’ve been thinking of and give it a try. No one will force you to come back if you decide it’s not the best fit for you. Remember to take these factors into consideration before visiting and good luck on your journey on how to find a church!

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