When you’re walking down the street, do heads turn as you pass? Do people always ask where you buy your clothes? Do friends turn to you for fashion advice or want your suggestions on what to wear?

If you answered yes to any of these quests, you’re probably the fashionable person around. And any fashionista knows that the secret to a good outfit lies within the accessories. Accessories make an outfit unique; they make it feel personalized.

From jewelry to shoes to handbags, having the right accessories feels empowering. Need some inspiration when looking for the best designer bags? Here’s a quick guide for the fashion-savvy woman.

  1. Hermès Birkin Bags

The iconic Birkin from Hermès is one of the most sought-after luxury bags. It’s often touted as one of the best designer bags because of its superior craftsmanship and stylish design.

The Birkin bag—originally made for the singer Jane Birkin—has been seen as a symbol of luxury for decades, so it’s a must-have for avid luxury handbag collectors.

Birkins make great designer work bags, travel bags, or everyday tote bags. The classic design is available in a variety of colors to fit every fashionista’s style. Refer to this page to learn more about buying Hermès bags?

  1. Balenciaga City Bags

Balenciaga is a brand that’s been skyrocketed into popularity by celebrities. It’s constantly mentioned in songs and movies, and their styles are always spotted on red carpets. Their popularity is why you should have one of their bags in your collection.

The Balenciaga City bag will be the go-to everyday designer bag because it can pair well with nearly every outfit. You can imagine yourself strutting down busy urban streets with this bag turning all heads towards you.

The bag perfectly mixes grunge and contemporary styles, made with soft and light leather. It’s a must-have for any young, stylish urban woman.

  1. Loewe Puzzle Bags

Every fashionista needs luxury handbags that are more niche. Some luxury handbag brands are recognizable to people who aren’t that into fashion. But that’s all the more reason to choose a handbag brand that’s a little less known outside the fashion community.

That’s where the Loewe Puzzle bag comes in. Loewe is a brand that other fashionistas will appreciate when they see it. It’s a brand that those who love luxury style will be familiar with and is desirable for discerning the stylish.

You’re still bound to get compliments because of the gorgeous leather striped patchwork. But it also won’t be a bag that tons of people have. The Loewe Puzzle bag is perfect for fashion girls who want to stand out.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without the Best Designer Bags

Fashion-savvy women know how accessories can transform their outfits. The right shoes, jewelry, and handbag can elevate an outfit and make you look like you walked off the glossy pages of a fashion magazine.

The best designer bags can make you stand out from the crowd. They’re also an investment. When you splurge on a classic designer bag, it can elevate your outfit season after season.

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