RV travel is becoming so popular nowadays especially for families. It is an advantage for families who love to travel that they have an RV. This fact makes it undeniable that RV is exceptional.

RV is a recreational vehicle for anyone. However, due to its accessibility and convenience, many families are looking up to have this. An excellent way to have a family vacation.

It is undeniable that living in the city is stressful and tiring. And, for many people, the best way to get yourself some breather is to escape from the city. Run and go into a faraway land.

Running away from the city to have some rest is better. But, running away with your family is the best. Yes, a fruitful vacation for you and your family.

Benefits of RV Travel

RV trip with your family is not just about having fun while traveling. You will not just share unforgettable memories together. It can also give a lot of benefits for your whole gang.

Here are some benefits you can get from RV Travel with your family:

  • Comfortable like Home

RV are like your home, but away from your home. A house of your own but on wheels. A place where your family can relax while driving.

can relax while driving

It is always a problem whenever a family is on a trip to forget something important. But if you are traveling with an RV you have nothing to worry. Why? Because you are like traveling with your house!

Traveling with RV is an advantage for a family that loves food. They are like travelling with their kitchen. Whenever they are stuck on a traffic, they can just got to kitchen and make delicious snacks.

If anyone wants to change? No problem. With RV, you are like inside your house while moving. If any of the family wants to take a nap? Worry no more. You can lie comfortably like how you lie when you are at home.

  • Family’s Quality Time

In every trip, the travel time is the most tiring. It is also the moment and time that you and your family have different worlds. It is very unlikely to spend quality time while traveling. Not anymore if you have an RV!

Not anymore if you have an RV

RV travel lets you and your family to have a quality time while traveling. Because of its structure, it will never be hard for you to have a bonding while traveling. A quality time with family is always be the best in every trip!

Unlike cars, the setting and interior design of RV is flexible. It can turn into your kids’ little playground. Reading books with is just sweet and innocent.

  • Budget Friendly

Being on a trip is undeniably expensive. You need to pay for a hotel where you will stay. Of course the food of your family, you also need to pay for it.

Budget Friendly

RV travel is affordable and budget friendly. If you have RV, you don’t have to worry for paying a place where you will stay. And because RV is like your home, you can just cook your food there. Yes, affordable it is!

Travel time in many instances is always the most tiring. But because of RV, travel time is something you and your family can enjoy instead of something to be endured. A fruitful memory for the whole family.

  • You Can Go Wherever you Want

Travel with your family through RV can give you a freedom to customize your road trip. In every trip, there is always a time when you need to stop for emergency purposes. Interruptions like bad weather conditions and fully-booked campgrounds are always on your way when traveling. Fortunately, because of RV travel, this things will never be your problem anymore

You Can Go Wherever you Want

If your family is travelling with RV, you are flexible to adjust in any unexpected things coming on your way. If bad weather come, you can just stay on your RV and wait until the weather calm down. If there is no vacant space on campground, you can just stay on a safe place to sleep at night.

As a conclusion, having your own RV is a great advantage for your family. That’s why if you don’t have your own RV yet, think of buying one for your family. But we can’t deny it that buying an RV is expensive especially when you are looking for good quality RV.

10 Techniques for the Best RV Buying

If an idea of buying an RV makes your headache due to its price, you can take a deep breath and just keep calm. Having a good negotiation with the RV seller can give you a lot of advantage. So, you don’t have to worry. There 10 genius techniques that you can use to get the best deal for RV buying.

  1. Don’t stop to shop

Don’t stop to shop

All of us has this store where in we are loyal to. Maybe you are buying to this dealer for many years. But this kind of buying method keeps us away from getting the best deal. Shop around. Don’t stick on one dealer. Having many options allows you to compare each deal. Through this, you can easily identify which dealer gives you the best deal.

  1. Don’t rush

Clever buyers research for a very long time before they finally purchase an RV. The reason is that this vehicle can be the most expensive thing you’ll ever purchase next your home.


You will surely make a costly mistake once you purchase without taking time to examine other components such as water pump and plumbing system.

  1. Get connected to the RV community

Get connected to the RV community

You can search for online forums and local meet ups which will help you acquire some ideas regarding RV buying. You can also watch videos on Youtube that discuss how to buy an RV.

  1. Consider buying secondhand

Consider buying secondhand

According to Chuck Woodburry, an author at RV Travel, an RV’s value decreases to 25 percent the moment you drive it for long travels. He recommends that you can buy an RV for half the price of a brand new one.

  1. Check the tires

Check the tires

You will surely use your RV when going from a campsite to another. Therefore, you should check the tires to make sure that it will not blowout while you are driving to your destination. For this reason, you should check the age of the tires before finally buying the RV you prefer, even if that RV is brand new.

It is a rule of thumb that you change the tires of your RV three or five years after you purchase it. If you want to check the tire’s age, look for the DOT label on the side wall. You’ll find a number code which contains the week and year that the tire was made. Use TOWMAX tire with long lifespan,   it will reduce the frequency of replacement.

  1. Know the history of the RV

Know the history of the RV

If you opt to buy a secondhand RV, you can use its vehicle identification number (VIN) to know its history. Using it will help you find a report which includes information such as if the RV has ever been rebuilt, stolen, or damaged. The VIN will also help you find the manufacturer’s specifications and recall notices.

  1. Test drive


Once you buy your RV, you will surely use it for a lifetime. For this reason, take the RV you are planning to buy for a test drive, so you will know its overall feel. Test driving the RV will also will also help you find the problems that you might not be able to notice when the vehicle’s engine is not yet running.

  1. Ensure the insurance

Ensure the insurance

Depending on the state where you are living, RVs and RV homes are most likely to be required with insurance. It is imperative that you protect your assets in case it gets involved with a lawsuit or serious accidents.

  1. Do an MSRP negotiation

Do an MSRP negotiation

According to Woodburry, when you are buying an RV, try to get a 30 percent off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. If you cannot get it or even a percentage close to it, look for a different dealer. The best time to buy an RV is on the last month of the year since sales departments need to meet their quotas.

  1. Get ready for annual maintenance

If the RV you bought gets a general maintenance, it can last for up to 15 years. However, you need to make sure that your wallet is ready because annual maintenance can be very costly. Use scissor jack to lift the RV when do annual maintenance . Maintenance include breaks, bearings, TOWMAX tires, propane gas test, and water and tear repairs.

Get ready for annual maintenance

RV travel is just so convenient. You will never be stressed out with your trip. Traveling while still comfortable like at home is exceptional!

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