Finding shoes can be haunting – how does one stay up with the latest trends, while maintaining comfort, and not breaking the bank? It is so hard to find shoes that fit comfortably and don’t make someone look like they got dressed in the dark before the first cup of morning coffee.

They say shoes make the outfit, and the internet would seem to agree. Comfort is key, but so is style. Face it, who wouldn’t want to be wearing comfy slippers all the time without LOOKING like they are wearing comfy slippers all the time?

We’ve all been there, wearing uncomfortable shoes all day so when you get home, and finally get to slip your feet into those perfectly formed to your feet, cozy, slippers… you know the ones, the ones that have seen better days? Yeah, those. If you could take that kind of comfort and put it into the cutest shoe in your closet, you would.

Well… here are some of the best shoes for any style, with top-of-the-line comfort, and easy on the wallet – you know, so you can spend that money on more important things like that killer handbag you saw last week, or that massage you’ve been dying to get for a month.

Whether you are a mom running around after the kids and all the things that kids do to keep busy or are a badass boss babe who likes to keep things high-quality – there is absolutely a shoe for you on this list! Check it out.

1. Grey Painted Leopard Cloudbound Alpargata by Toms

#1 in comfort and style and top of our list, is the classic Toms sandal. With so many colors, patterns, and styles now, you really can’t go wrong with Toms. With the Cloudbound sole giving you even more support, it is so easy to see why this shoe is widely popular!

2. Hand painted shoes by Your Kicks

If you haven’t found another shoe on this list that fits your style and deepest desires yet, look no further than the perfectly customizable painted sneakers by Your Kicks… it’s a design you decide!

Hand Painted Sneakers

With a shoe for everyone, you can make sure the style matches you, no matter what you’re into. What better way to walk with confidence than in shoes that are more than just shoes, they are art pieces.

3. Venus Faille Sandals by Neous

Sleek, stylish, and perfect for any business meeting, first date, or anniversary dinner, this kitten heel is sure to please. From femme fatale to bridesmaid, this shoe fits the bill with its minimalism and classic black design.

4. Unisex Tesla by Demonia

When the urge hits to pull out a little spice every now and then… this beautiful leather boot by Demonia will rock anyone’s world! With that classy steampunk vibe, you can’t go wrong with this sexy piece of work. With the right pencil skirt, you can be the boss at work by day and party with the girls by night, all without having to change footwear.

5. Meadow Patchwork Era by Vans

Let’s face it, Vans are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why… just look at this adorable fabric! You definitely won’t want to be stuck inside with these shoes in your closet, so go out and enjoy some fresh air with these on your feet. And don’t worry, Vans may have started out as a brand for skaters, but since has been adopted by every girl who wants a comfortable flat.

6. Tempo in Rose Gold by Kuru

Looking for a cute ankle boot to wear to work and then dinner with the girls? Look no further, with the gorgeous rose gold accent that isn’t overbearing, Tempo has got it all — comfort, style, and a great price!

Kuru prides themselves on comfort, and with the heel-cupping insole and patented midsole technology, it is no wonder. You can also sign up to possibly win free shoes (having comfy shoes is great, but FREE comfy shoes are even better!)

7. Marlo by Charlotte Stone

This gorgeous chunky clog is  Marlo, and we couldn’t love her curves more! With padding to spare and a soft suede upper, it’s easy to see why so many people love this one. With multiple fun colors to match any outfit, this clog is a go-getter. You should definitely go get her!

8. Gloria by Charlotte Stone

Making this list again, and for good reason,  Charlotte Stone’s Gloria is a party from start to finish. No one wants to be wearing uncomfortable shoes at the family picnic, sometimes they are uncomfortable enough without your feet being pinched or rubbed raw.

This beautiful sandal is great for those outdoor days, walking around the park, or a nice lunch date – Gloria will be your best friend. She is also the perfect way to make sure that amazing pedicure doesn’t go unseen.

9. Vanetta Suede Mid Boot by Cougar

Who doesn’t love a good winter boot? Keeping those toes warm and dry while still looking your absolute best. These boots are an A+ in the style department with classy suede and gorgeous earth tones that will match any winter outfit, even if you are so bundled up you can’t see your feet. The anti-slip sole is a must, because who wants to end up on their rump in the driveway? No thanks!

10. Coral Stretch Knit by Orthofeet

This amazing sneaker is fabulous, not only for the fun and bright color but for the comfort it provides. Fun and great for running around doing those pesky errands that sometimes take longer than expected.

All those jokes about being in your 30s and developing some kind of knee or back pain, well… they can be true if you aren’t careful about your footwear. Why not take a bit more care of those joints that keep you moving with style and comfort that meets you where you are.

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