Weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions in India. The colours of the cultural beauty and the families in full fervour of the festivities are a sight to behold. And every wedding reflects its culture. From the delicious, traditional food and the attire to the rituals and customs, everything is done with grandeur. It is also a special moment in the lives of the couple, who pledge to spend the rest of their lives together.

The wedding ceremonies of the Ezhavas, who hail from the southern part of the country in Kerala, are equally beautiful.They are simple people and their weddings are absolutely LIT!  If you know anyone who is set to be married within this community then here are all the details about the beautiful customs and traditions of Ezhava matrimony ceremonies.


On the day of the wedding, the groom offers prayers during a Gauri and Ganesha puja at the bride’s house. He seeks for a positive and happy married life. This ritual commences the wedding. It is a joyous occasion for everyone, including the family members.


The most important step while planning the wedding is setting the date and time of the wedding. It is set by the family astrologer and is called the Muhurtham. This timing is considered to be auspicious for the bride and groom to get married.


The next ritual is welcoming the guest. The couple humbly join their hands in a namaskaram. It is a way of thanking their family, friends and all other visitors for gracing their special day and wishing them good luck for their future.


The main wedding ceremonies begin. Ages ago, people would only conduct these ceremonies in a temple, but now people also conduct the marriage in a wedding hall.  The family members of both parties gather here to part take in this holy union.


One of the most emotional rituals in the wedding is the Kanyadaan of the bride. She is brought to the mandapam in a basket. The groom then holds her hand and leads her around the fire. There are seven rounds and each round indicates a wedding vow.

The parents of the bride then place their daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand to indicate that she is now part of his family. This is followed by the groom tying a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck as a promise to take care of her for as long as they both shall live. Do not be surprised when you hear cheers from the crowd during this moment.


The couple exchanges flower garlands to conclude the wedding rituals. The spectators shower the happy couple with flower petals to commemorate their union and wish them a great life together.


The final ritual is the kashiyatra. After the couple is announced as husband and wife, they have to seek blessings of elders on both sides of the family. This custom is said to bring luck into the lives of the newly-weds.

The simplicity of the Ezhava wedding is what makes it truly beautiful.There are hardly any traces of lavishness and over expenditures at these weddings. They treasure their customs and rituals which have been followed for generations and practiced by the community diligently.The Ezhava matrimony ceremony is probably one of the shortest ones in the country. The wedding feast that follows is not to be missed.

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