Look online when searching for acne-controlling products, and you’ll notice a dazzling array of brands and strengths available. It can get very confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we thought we’d look at a query we got from a customer just recently, as it’s one we get often. It relates to 10 benzoyl peroxide wash and why it was causing soreness for a user. 

Now, as we just mentioned, there are various different strengths available when talking about acne products, and the query we got was about a 10% product. The thing is, 10% products are at the upper end of the spectrum, with 4% representing the lowest. That is the key factor here, as you’ll find out by reading on. 

10 Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Might Be Too Much

The key here is sensitivity, as benzoyl peroxide (BP) can be quite harsh when too strong a concentration of it is applied to the skin. You’ve only got to look at the fact that it bleaches hair, soft furnishings and towels on contact to see that it might cause problems. 

If, like our enquirer, you’re finding that a 10% acne product is making your skin dry, red and inflamed, then it’s almost certainly due to it being too strong for you. The solution is simple, you either drop the frequency (if the reaction is on the severe side) or switch to a weaker wash. 

Is BP Wash Ok For Everyone?

Most often, it is, so long as you don’t have any kind of allergic reaction to the product. You’re likely to be ok using BP washes sensibly, but some considerations need to be made:

  • You must follow the included instructions for your BP wash to the letter
  • You shouldn’t combine BP wash with other products that dry out the skin, as it will cause irritation
  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should be ok using it, so long as you don’t use it on your chest and you thoroughly cleanse your hands before touching your baby again 

A small percentage of people have a severe allergic reaction to BP products – roughly 1 in 1000, to be exact. You’ll know if it happens to you after using a 10 benzoyl peroxide wash, as you’ll experience swelling, blistering and even dizziness. In the event of this happening, you should seek medical assistance right away, as you would with any kind of acute allergy. 

You Must Listen to Your Skin When Choosing What to Do 

So, if you find yourself getting frustrated with your 10 benzoyl peroxide wash, you need to think about what your skin is telling you. If it’s red, dry and inflamed, it’s telling you that your BP wash is working TOO well, in that it’s stripping away too much for your skin to handle. 

It’s important not to give up at this point, as all you really need to do is reevaluate your approach. Just drop the frequency or the strength, and you’ll likely start seeing the balanced, healthy skin you were looking for when you bought the wash in the first place. 

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