Double and Single panniers

By the Fietstassen dubbel we mean a bag that comprises of two compartments that each hold tight one side of your bicycle transporter.

With a solitary bicycle bag you have a bag holding tight one side. You can undoubtedly eliminate this bag from your bicycle.

This is likewise called a pakaf bag on the off chance that you keep important things here, for example, a cell phone, optics or different things that you like to have with you when you abandon your bicycle.

Handlebar and Saddle panniers

The handlebar bag is a bicycle bag that is frequently not very enormous. This bag frequently likewise has a different area where you can put your cycling map or your telephone.

This is likewise a very convenient thing for a jug of water, an apple for the street or a wallet.

Fundamentally those things that you need to have the option to get rapidly while out and about.

The bag is appended to the handlebar with a stem. That way you can undoubtedly eliminate it from the handlebars during a bicycle break.

Typically there is additionally an idea about it with the goal that it is not difficult to convey.

The saddle bag is one that is joined under your saddle. This is nice to use for a tire fix bag or a rolled-up inward cylinder on the off chance that you have a punctured tire out and about.

Obviously you can likewise store other little things that you need in a hurry.

Curiously, you likewise have these in a wide range of variations. From extreme to smooth and from plain dark to cowhide.

They all have a decent affixing framework.

Luggage transporter bag

The name says everything; this bag is situated on the gear transporter. Associated by means of an uncommon snap framework or with Velcro.

This bag is likewise not extremely huge and frequently accompanies a shoulder lash. That is overall quite simple to take with you when you need to go into the store! On the off chance that you need an enormous bag for your shopping, you can utilize our Boodschappentas for luggage.

Front and Back Bags

A front bag has a normal limit of 6 to 10 liters.

So you can lose a touch more than in a handlebar bag.

The front bag is likewise regularly utilized for things that you need all the more frequently out and about. Obviously there is a crate for the cycle course map. You can also effectively snatch your cell phone.

The bag has simple terminations so you don’t generally need to stop while heading to get something. It is also separated into various compartments so you don’t need to look through constantly.

Bike backpack

I likewise need to have the option to utilize it as a backpack, is just conceivable? Indeed, that is conceivable! There are likewise unique bike backpacks.

As a matter of fact, this is ‘only’ a backpack for the bike.

In any case, they are frequently made so that you can likewise effectively append them to the bike.

You have a bike backpack in different sorts, sizes, properties and plans. At the point when you go in rain then you can utilize our Rains rugzak. It is waterproof.

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