PC sales in Australia saw a 12% increase during the pandemic. With work from home programmes being encouraged, everyone has a PC. As with many other items, a PC comes with great responsibility. Many owners deem computer troubleshooting a daunting task and often do not realise when their PC needs help until it’s too late.

Approaching Computer Support in Melbourne is not harrowing, but deciding when to do so is. Worry not because this guide details telltale signs that your PC requires support and servicing.

How often should you get your PC serviced?

Like cars or air conditioners, PCs require regular checks and servicing. Typically, one would get their PCs serviced at least once a year. For users who spend over 10-12 hours on their PC regularly, experts recommend servicing every 4-5 months.

However, over 40% of all PC owners in Australia remain unaware of how crucial Computer Servicing is.

Signs that your PC needs service


Inadequate maintenance or the lack thereof can result in underperforming computers. Booting speeds decrease, leading to a slow and sluggish system. Without resetting these speeds, users deal with frustration and less productivity. In an office setting, this reduction in productivity could cost the company more than computer servicing.

If your system takes more time than usual to start programmes or a reduced system speed while running multiple tabs, your computer requires service.

System Errors

A buildup of PC issues can result in random system crashes. Over 45% of all PC owners in Australia tend to ignore system error notifications if restarting the system resolves the issue. However, these notifications can be crucial signs of system failure.

Programmes take multiple tries to start, and Windows errors become more frequent.

Random Freezing (Hanging)

When the system is overloaded or overheated, programmes cease to work, and the entire system gets stuck or frozen. This phenomenon should typically never happen. While most hung PCs resume after a few minutes, others require a system reboot or restart to return to normal.

Over 8-9% of all data loss in Australia is due to system freezes. Contact Computer Support in Melbourne if you encounter an inexplicable system freeze.

Blue Screen Errors

Blue screen errors usually occur when the device shuts down unexpectedly. These errors are the second leading cause of data progress losses. The screen usually turns blue, and the system displays a message reading, “Your device ran into an error and needed to restart”.

From malware to improper driver updates, numerous underlying issues can cause BSODs. It is advisable to contact an expert to run a diagnostics test before the problem gets out of hand.

No Internet Access and WiFi Dropouts

While most network issues are router-linked, a few others are device-centric. Outdated firmware and old drivers could lead to frequent WiFi cutting out.

Some systems fail to scan nearby networks until the user restarts the system. Consult your tech expert to understand the root cause.


Over 80% of all these issues are technical. Users can avoid encountering the other 20% by keeping simple maintenance tips in mind. Dust buildups are detrimental to PC systems, and over 60% of all PCs require deep cleaning.

Mishandling, dropping, and hitting the system can cause delicate wires to come apart. Essentially, handle your systems with care and clean them regularly.

Benefits of Servicing Systems

In a world where time is invaluable, system failures and crashes are expensive hurdles. Frequently restarting a system to resolve these tech issues is time-consuming and frustrating. Moreover, if unchecked, your PC might need replacing. Receiving support servicing earlier will help you save time and money.

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